Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Social media for small business can be a challenge especially when fighting against large, well-know companies who can afford a team and paid ads. On top of that, you are more focused on the day-to-day responsibilities of running your own business. Only 53% of small businesses say they actively use social media. Even though you might think you need to hire an expert, with a few social media tips for small businesses, it’ll be easy and simple.

Small business using social media to fighting against larger corporations

1. Start with a Social Media Plan

Just like you created a business plan, a social media plan is vital for having a successful social media strategy. A plan is good to know what your goals are for your business on social media. Do you want to promote certain products? Reach more people in your area? Keep reading below for more social media tips for your small business.

2. Choose the Best Social Media Platforms

Start off with one social media platform your audience uses more. For example, 62% of all online men and 72% of all online women use Facebook. You can research your audience by age, gender, location, and ethnicity. Knowing your audience can help writing posts catered to them.

Small business using social media platforms

3. Brand Your Business’ Social Media Page

Social media tips for your small business includes branding. Branding is important in any business. It helps consumers recognize your brand no matter the platform. From the logo to the business’ personality, it should all be consistent and show on the social media page. Use the logo as the main profile image and when writing posts, ensure your business’s tone shows through. Here is a good reference when deciding your company’s tone.

4. Make a Social Content Calendar

A content calendar will keep you on track on the posts and your goals. It gives you a view of what content is being posted, where it’s being posted, and when. Plan posts and schedule ahead of time. Facebook lets you schedule posts so you don’t have to track them everyday. Hootsuite is a good social scheduling system if you want to schedule posts to other platforms. There are also certain times when your audience is on social media the most in the day. Research the best times and go from there to help you schedule posts.

Start Simple with Your Social for Your Small Business

Tie is money and social media might not be you top priority. However, it is an important part of marketing your business and connecting with your customers. Start simple with one social media platform and plan ahead to keep consistent. 

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