Create Social Media Buzz for Nonprofits

Nonprofits have touching stories to share but usually few resources to help share them.   How may they stand out in a sea of paid and unpaid content?   Four social media tips for nonprofits create social media buzz on a budget!

Build Word of Mouth

Nonprofit social media tips

Milking a Goat at Bonton Farms @melissa_jean88

The best publicity comes from people talking about a nonprofit: hopefully in glowing terms!  Engagement Labs reports five times the number of conversations to happen in person compared to the number on social media.  Luckily word of mouth costs nothing and engaged people usually share on social sites.  Bonton Farms, for example, builds rapport in the community.  They live their mission of “restore health, create jobs, and ignite hope.”  In turn, their avid supporters, volunteers, and customers share on social media.  Bonton Farms also connects to area programs, like the United Way’s program OneUp.  It’s designed to spread word of mouth, provide community connections, and grow social media buzz.

Gather Digital Content

Building a content database for social media is critical for nonprofits and can be low cost.  Anyone may capture video, photos, and audio with a smartphone and a few inexpensive tools.  A thirty dollar microphone and an economical tripod will greatly improve the audio and video quality.    Nonprofits might also track user-generated content as well via hashtags, comments, and photos.   They reward users by offering to re-post and give credit.

Post Consistently

For nonprofits with few followers, publishing content at the same time is better than posting a lot for platform algorithms.   Tools such as free online social media calendars help manage content and review the success of past campaigns.

Partner Wisely

Given the shrinking organic reach on social platforms,  nonprofits need to form key alliances.  Partnering invites others into a story and shows openness to new ideas.   If the goal is to build an authentic base of followers who foster online engagement, then working together is a strategic choice.  Similar causes also inspire additional user-generated content.

Given the amount of social media content, it feels overwhelming to be successful on platforms.  A small budget presents an extra challenge. However strategic use of social media for nonprofits isn’t costly and can add to their ability to innovate.

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