How to set SMART goals for your Digital Marketing Techniques

There are different digital marketing techniques you can use for your company such as SEO, content creation or social media in order to attract traffic and sales. But for any technique to be effective, a well-designed strategy must be designed where all participants are clear about the goals they want to achieve. The creation of communication and content strategies is a complex work that implies knowing very well, not only the products and services, the market and our competitors, but also the patterns of our Buyer persona.

The good news is that there are five letters that will facilitate your work as a digital strategist: SMART

Setting up SMART goals for your company will enhance the effectiveness of your strategy. Bob Ruffolo, Founder and CEO of Keynote Speaker, states you need to set quarterly SMART goals in order to get better results.

But, what are SMART goals?


Specific: Defined a clear goal. Focus on your visits, leads or clients.

Measurable: It can be a little bit more analytical and detailed. Assign a number or a percentage that way you can see if you reach that number or not.

Achievable: Another word for this step is realistic. The goal should be possible to achieve.

Relevant: At this point it is appropriate to ask whether the objective fits the overall strategy.

Timely: Each goal needs a time frame, whether is a year or several months.

By setting up SMART goals for your brand, it is easier to measure success or failure. Posting blindly, hoping to achieve massive amounts of new conversions would be like cooking without the right ingredients and waiting for a gourmet dish.

To better understand how to plan SMART goats, let’s follow the definition with an example:

Website visit increase

Increase visits to the company website from 5,000 to 6,000 per month to be able to launch the new service. The deadline is April 31st, 2019.

Is it specific? Yes, you talk about visitors.

Is it measurable? Yes, it is a 1,000 visit increase per month.

Is it achievable? Yes, it is based on your visiting history.

Is it relevant? Yes, it is associated with the inbound process.

Is it in a time-frame? Yes, the deadline is April 31st, 2019.

Now that you know how to plan SMART goals, start by writing down your goals for your next strategy. Be sure to use this technique and remember that in digital marketing nothing is written, this is a process of constant feedback and as such, must be enriched with new ideas permanently.

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