Simple Social Media Hacks

Social media hacks can save time and money. Below, Builder Magazine talks about what builders are doing to find and engage their customers. Grow likes, follows, and leads. To learn more click the link below.


Four Simple Social Media Hacks
Simple Social Media Hacks

Social Media Hack 1: Go Where Your Customers Are

Go where your customers are. Sounds simple, right? However, social media options can seem endless. Don’t get frustrated, get smart. To start, only use a few social platforms. Learn how to connect with your audience. As an example, if you build homes for Baby Boomers, use Facebook. Baby Boomers do not use Snapchat. This simple social hack is about focus.

Social Media Hack 2: Be Smart About Your Time – And Get Help

Managing social media requires energy and bandwidth. The proper set-up, guidance, and best practices are critical to success. This simple hack helps organize a tailored strategy. Executing that strategy requires a savvy manager. If you don’t have the bandwidth or time, ask for help.     

Social Media Hack 3: Maximize Engagement

You have heard marketing is dead, it is all about engagement. Engagement is about creating rich, robust content. It includes everyday moments that can be shared to tell your brand story. Engaging your audience allows customers to be promoters. There is no more affordable way to boost your brand.  This simple social media hack saves money. 

Social Media Hack 4: Spend Smartly

Marketing budgets are always tight. It is important to know how ROI differs across platforms. Grow organic or paid audiences based on how much you have to spend.   

Social media is not worth doing if not done right. These simple hacks help find how and where customers are. And, how conversations take place. They focus time and money to help find a customer. 

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