Resend Emails to Non-openers

image resend emails to non-openers

How can you make sure that important emails you send are being received by your constituents? One easy way is to get personal with your constituents and monitor who’s opening your emails and who isn’t. (By the way, recipients who haven’t opened your email are called non-openers.) I suggest you give those non-openers another chance so you won’t have this conversation with them again, ever:

     “Why didn’t I know about that event?”

     “I emailed you about it last week.”

     “I didn’t see your email!”

     “How was I supposed to know you didn’t read the email?”

Using an app like MailChimp for your email campaigns makes monitoring and re-sending campaigns easy and quick. And according to MailChimp, statistics support that using this feature is worth your time.

Monitor Opens in MailChimp

To see which of your recipients opened your email, go to the Campaigns tab, hover over the name of your campaign, and click on View Report. On the Activity tab, click the down arrow, and select Opened. (Caveat: The monitoring of opens isn’t an exact science. More on that later.) Now go back to the Activity tab and select Didn’t open. What can you learn about your constituents? Do the same ones repeatedly appear on the Didn’t open list?

Resend Email to Non-openers

Go back to the Campaigns tab, hover over the name of your campaign, click the down arrow next to View Report, and select Replicate. Now here’s the secret sauce:

  • In the To Segment or Tab box, select a Group or new segment
  • Set to Contacts match all of the following conditions
  • Select Contacts that match your original subscriber list
  • Select Campaign Activity and did not open and the name of your Sent Campaign
  • Click Save

Now do the math: does the number of Recipients minus the number of Opens equal the number of recipients for your new email?

Tips When Re-Sending

  • Always resend within 24-48 hours.
  • Should you change the subject line? MailChimp advises against it.
  • Should you change the from name? MailChimp advises against this also.
  • My two cents: Know your constituents. To my senior citizens, I resend exactly the same email because my goal is to get their attention without confusing them. To the busy parents of my elementary school kids, I resend short to-the-point emails with dates, times, places – just the facts.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know your experiences with re-sending emails to non-openers.

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