Reaching Hispanics Through Social Media

Best social media practices for engaging Hispanics

Hispanics are a growing population in social media use. Brands are adapting to changing demographics by creating content tailored to U.S Hispanics. According to Media Post, “75% speak Spanish at home, and most of them are more loyal to companies that cater to them in Spanish.” Learn the best practices for reaching Hispanics through social media. Before brands can start engaging Spanish-speaking audiences, they need to understand how they connect online.

Best Practices to Engage Hispanics through Posts

1. U.S Hispanics Prefer Both English and Spanish Language Content

Companies that communicate in both languages on social media are more appreciated since many Hispanics online are bilingual. Brands are viewed as more authentic and have a stronger brand presence because Hispanics feel like they are being considerate of the demographics. One way to better achieve that is to open a Spanish language page. McDonald’s uses this strategy to effectively engage Hispanic users on their Facebook page. They communicate and interact in Spanish as well to reach Hispanics through social media.

2. Hispanics Like Reading Content That Reminds Them of Their Roots

Tie your social media posts to traditions or ideas that differentiate the Hispanic demographics without making it sound distasteful. For example, use dishes or the idea of family in posts.

3. Post Videos With Shareable Content

Shareable video content in Hispanic demographics

According to pm360, “U.S. Hispanics spend nearly 66% more time per week watching videos on their smartphones compared to the total market.” The video content they watch also ties in to their culture and language. They share video content on social five times more often than non-Hispanics. So video content should be a vital in your brand’s social media strategy.

4. Giving Back to the Hispanic Community

Share or promote community involvement of your brand through social media. Hispanics value brands that are involved and give back to the community through events, scholarships, and others.

Don’t miss a huge opportunity to reach a growing audience. You can make a large impact with a targeted Spanish language campaign that reflects your brand’s identity. For extra tips, check out blog post

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