Organic Reach on Social Media: Six Ingredients for Success

Box of cupcakes with social media icons as toppings to represent ways to make your social media post delectable for the audience to pick it up and share there by improving organic reach on social media
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Don’t we all want more mileage per post? And all that without investing those extra bucks? Organic reach on social media is what we are looking for. Organic reach is when your posts take wings and reach as many people as possible without investing those extra bucks. Well, there are very basic but very essential ingredients to increase organic reach on social media.  With algorithms constantly changing across social media platforms, it is essential for every brand to be aware and whip up these recipes for social media success.

Content is the Chief Ingredient

When you have great content, people love to share it. They always scoop it up generously and share. Invest in good content. Appealing high-quality visuals and well-crafted verbal content are the secret ingredients. The appetite for each channel is different. Hence the content should be suited to the audience and the channel’s palate. Engaging content garners more audience. Therefore your posts gain organic reach on social media.

Bring in some Popular Exciters

french fries arranged in the shape of a hashtag to represent sharing fresh content and tagging it to enhance organic reach on social media
Cross share and tag new and exciting content

Add a dash of freshness to your page by reposting interesting content from other pages and platforms. It is a great way to enhance interest. A good fusion of content adds a lot of flavor to the entire page. It is an effective way to invite a fresh audience to this social media get-together. Adding a new audience set and viewers to your posts and pages enable organic reach on social media furthermore. Hashtag the keywords and add links for the audience to move in and out of your post.

Sharing is Caring for Your Brand

Encourage your audience to interact, comment and share your posts. Most social media channels, especially Facebook, puts a lot of emphasis on boosting posts that are most talked about. So, interactions with posts impact organic reach on social media. It is a two-way process. Great stories get shared and stories that are shared automatically gain organic reach on social media.

Variety Adds Spice

a man's palm with pills with social media logos to represent building variety in content and posts act as a vitamin boost to improve organic reach on social media
Variety in content act as vitamins that boost reach

Don’t we all want to try something new and different? Variety spices up life and fuels appetite for more. Always try to add variety through videos, stories and going live from time to time to enhance organic reach on social media. Adding variety in content gives a healthy boost like vitamins to a page. It adds newness and hence makes the audience come back and check for more. Thus they share more.

Consistency is Key

Want to make your page and post reach its full potential? Then you must consistently churn out posts. And hey, they must be engaging and obviously brand relevant as well. Always remember quality over quantity. One hit wonder does not work on social media. The social media platform algorithms love constant change and newness. So, the more planned and consistent the posts are, the more they would gain in terms of organic reach on social media. Giving new things to the audience periodically will enhance engagement and encourage them to share more in turn.

Get Feedback and Track

All this would be futile if we don’t monitor what is cooking. Did they like what you dished up? Would they like you to serve more of that? These are important questions to find answers for. It is hence important to track audience participation. A post is only as good as its reach. It should resonate with the audience for it to gain momentum. It is also good to rehash a popular post from the past to boost some more reach. So, if you want to know if what you served was a winner. Monitor the engagement, reach and action conversion.

This is the standard recipe and basic ingredients to enhance organic reach on social media, but there are many more steps to ensure the organic reach spikes. It is observed that paid or boosted reach is gaining momentum while organic reach is slowly declining. However, by adopting some of these techniques one can surely rise above and not get stuck in the maze of the algorithms.

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