Improve Communication at Your Church

A church’s target audience is, by design, age 0 to 100+ years old which makes the church a unique animal among nonprofits. Creating and delivering messages about shared events to this wide range of ages is challenging. However, leveraging natural patterns of social media usage could improve communication at your church.

Social Media: It’s Natural

Although the attendance at traditional churches has been declining, the use of social media by U.S. adults continues to rise. According to the Pew Research Center’s report on Social Media Use in 2018, 73% of Amercians use more than one of the top social network platforms.  And of Facebook users, 74% reported that they visit the site daily and 51% visit it several times a day. So church, let’s take advantage of this natural pattern and communicate where the people naturally gather and see if that will improve communication at your church.

Social Media = Young People

Rev. Dan Wunderlich reminds us that our audience is likely to be different on each social network. And although the Pew report didn’t include statistics for younger teens, the young adults (ages 18-24) had the following patterns: 78% use Snapchat, 71% use Instagram, and 94% use YouTube. So, what’s the take-away? Communicate with teens and young adults accordingly.

My church has an experienced and inspiring Youth Minister who has social media communications down. She posts photos and videos, makes announcements and invitations, and builds community on Snapchat and Instagram. No parent has to remind their kid to check Instagram, ever. 

Improve church communication by posting Youth Events on Instagram

Youth Sunrise Easter Service

April 21 | 7:00 a.m.

Starbucks immediately following. 

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