Four Strategic Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Stories

Instagram launched Stories in the summer of 2016 and the feature has spread quickly since. Stories offer brands a huge opportunity to reach a higher number of people by taking advantage of one of the fastest growing social networks. Instagram reports that Stories have encouraged users to stay on the platform longer and visit more often. Here are four strategic ways brands can use Instagram Stories.

Use links in your Stories to gain traffic and generate leads.

One of the greatest consequences of social media is the intimate connection brands can form with their followers. Instagram Stories have taken the opportunity for connection one step further. If your brand isn’t capitalizing on the attention it gets from Stories, then the connection is wasted. The easiest and best way to do that is through direct links.

With the amazing “swipe up” feature, you can link out to your own hosted content assets or, if you’re an ecommerce marketer, to product pages. Your followers simply swipe up on your stories and get redirected to your preferred URL. Marketers can link to lead-generation forms or any other desired content.

Take advantage of polls within Instagram Stories

Instagram launched a feature that allows users to add interactive polls to their Stories. These polls are a fun, frictionless way to engage with your audience and hear their thoughts on specific subjects. Gaining instant feedback from your audience is a huge asset for brands. As a result, many household name brands use Polls in Stories. As simple as it looks, when intentionally used, it is both professional and well-structured, and results in valuable feedback.

Influencers and brands alike have seen an increase in Stories engagement after employing polls since the feature’s inception. Using Instagram Insights, they can track engagement per post or entire feed activity per time period.

It’s all about storytelling

The increase of Stories has proven the value of authentic, uncut content in the eyes of your audience. As a result, documenting your journey with Stories makes your brand approachable. Many successful brands use Stories to share behind-the-scenes footage.

Stories should be used to tell an actual story. Tell stories about your product and services. This creates brand loyalty and greatly increases the potential of a purchase and referral in the future.

Perfect examples of digital storytelling include a manufacturing plant showing how a product is created or a restaurant showing how a dish is prepared.

Use the power of Instagram takeovers

Instagram takeovers are fun and easy ways to grow your following by either taking over another Instagrammer’s account or having them take over yours.

This is a great way to build a mutually beneficial relationship between yourself and another influencer and it provides a great avenue for expanding your audience.

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