Four Ways You Can Drive Engagement On Instagram

With 1 Billion Instagram users, this platform is attractive to any business. Now that you’ve created profile with quality content and have a strategy in place, let’s get your followers engaged. I will share with you four ways to help you drive engagement on Instagram.


IGTV was launched in 2018. Welcome to the world of vertical TV. This addition gives users a platform to create content for their followers. Let’s say you’re an aspiring chef. What better way to drive engagement with followers by sharing weekly cooking tips or DOTW, dish of the week. IGTV gives you the ability to showcase your message. You also can add the video to your profile so that followers can view at a later time.


Use IG Story for Engagement 

Stories are designed to give your users a snapshot of the day of the life. There are many features you can use such as asking questions, creating countdowns, creating polls, and using the emoji slider. Needing help deciding on which outfit looks the best, create a poll to get your followers involved on your decision. Use the countdown tool to alert followers of a big announcement. Go Live! For instance, bring your followers on your journey at your photoshoot. Followers are able to like and comment as you stream live. You can add the video to your story after you’ve ended a session and followers still can view the footage.

Cross Promotion for Your Followers 

You can share your posts on other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You have the option to share the post automatically or you can create a link and share on those platforms later. Also, share your profile or post via text. 

Caption This

A photo might tell a thousand words, but adding caption can tell a thousand more. Be descriptive in caption related to the photo. Your caption can be informative or educational. Inspire your followers! Tell them a story. As a result, your followers will be more willing to comment or like. 

In conclusion, these tools will help drive that conversation needed with your followers. 

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