Emotion in Digital Marketing

As you know, adding emotion in digital marketing is the key to good content. Reaching a target audience starts with a development and distribution plan. Then, connecting with that audience through inspired and engaging content. Emotional content must be genuine, not generic. Below are two tips to help make good content go viral.    


Emotion in Digital Marketing
Emotion in Digital Marketing

In my last blog, Will from M/I Homes shared several tips. He talked about finding an audience, creating a compelling origin story, and focusing on mini-conversions. In a recent interview with Quint Lears of NewHomeSales, Will shared tips to add emotion. No matter if you sell new homes or widgets, these tips work. Click on the YouTube link or video below to see the interview.  



Emotional Content in Internet Marketing

Emotion in Digital Marketing: Create Contagion

Emotional content allows you to stand out. It also allows you to fight advertising apathy. As you know, digital marketers love to saturate ad space. As a result, consumers get dozens of ads every day to every device and platform. So, how to create engagement, or better yet, start a viral contagion with content? The first step, be smart. Practical triggers and socially current messaging work. Third party messaging removes the self-promoting nature of marketing. The more inspirational the content, the more open rates, time in session, likes and follows.            

Emotion in Digital Marketing: Personalize Content

Once you add emotion to your content, personalize it. Personalized content starts with listening to your audience. Data collection, analysis, and automated technologies help tailor information and create a call to action. Companys that add emotional content to their digital marketing strategies will build brand loyalty over time. 

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the blog. Check in next time and we will discuss strategies for new home sales.          

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