Why Dog Moms Can Be Your Next Brand Ambassadors

Moms are a large target audience and have an impact on social media including Facebook and blogs. So why wouldn’t a dog mom be the same? Well, millennials have taken their love for dogs up a notch to where they treat their pets like children. “Packaged Facts, a division of MarketResearch.com, claims millennials now account for 31 percent of all pet owners, boasting 43 million pet owners in the 18- to 34-year-old age group.” Women love to boast about their pet children in their social media accounts and blogs. Many even have a dedicated Instragram account for their furry child #dogsofinstragram. Millennials might see their pets as starter children and that is a big opportunity for brands. Dog moms can be your next brand ambassador even for non-pet products.

What if My Product Isn’t for Pets?

Dog food, pet groomers, doggie day cares are just some of the verticals that are obvious in teaming up with dog mom influencers. If you have a product or service that is not related to pets then it is time to start thinking outside the box. Many brands that sell cleaning products or offer services find a way to partner with dog moms for brand ambassadors particularly lifestyle bloggers who love to write about their pet. In this blog post, Bounty did a good job integrating that their product can also clean up dog messes.

Reaching Dog Mom Influencers

Dog mom taking selfie with dog

You want to first ensure your product or service is pet-friendly. If you are a makeup brand, you would want your product to be cruelty-free and safe if a dog was to get into it. Research the prospective blogger. Know who will be your brand ambassador before you try to reach them with your proposal. Unfortunately, dogs get sick or old and you might not know if they recently lost their beloved pet. A great and easy way to draft your campaign is to first create it for actual moms and then tweak it to cater to dog moms. Millennials and their pets are a growing audience. Research the dog moms of that generation. They are usually the bloggers and social media influencers you want to be as your brand ambassadors.

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