Do not sell, share a story

Inspire your costumers sharing something to connect them emotionally with your product, at the end they will buy.

Everyone loves a good story, or should we say gossiping?

People love to be entertained. Get their attention with a funny story, ask questions, share behind the scenes information about your business, etc.

men trying to sell by sharing a story with a woman

As George Bernard Shaw said, “The things most people want to know about are usually none of their business”.

Most of the time, as consumers we navigate the internet to look for answers, after all, we do not want people selling us anything.

In the past, you could see ads everywhere encouraging you to buy a product by giving all the details about them. Now we see brands sharing tutorials featuring their products because in the end, people will buy.

Jay Baer, the author of ‘Youtility’, defines “Friend-of-Mine” awareness, the reality that companies are competing against real people for the attention of other real people.

“For the first time, companies have to compete on the very same turf as our family and friends, using the very same tools and technologies and media and messaging as consumers” Jay Baer.

Ways to use storytelling in social media

Facebook and Instagram stories are an effective way to make consumers part of your story.

Sharing about your brand behind the scenes, with good pictures or video will generate more traffic and attract new followers.

nfluencer marketing could be great for storytelling if followers trust the individual.

This is an article by Forbes that demonstrates how storytelling could be part of your content strategy.

Make an effort to entertain your audience. Again, people love to be entertained.

You will get visibility and followers. In the end, people will buy.

Are you making storytelling part of your marketing strategy?

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