Compliance 101: Delete your Facebook dummy profile

Man on computer screen looking though binoculars with Facebook logos in lenses

If you’ve ever assigned first-time social media roles, you know the anxiety many employees share concerning privacy—specifically on Facebook. For many admins with “privacy anxiety,” the remedy is to create the infamous Facebook dummy profile.

Creating a dummy profile might appear a harmless solution, but Facebook is clear on its community philosophy. Creating only one profile is among several guidelines created to keep users accountable and connected. Similar to using a real name and not sharing passwords, an authentic profile keeps your account credible and off the Facebook radar.

If your account is caught breaking any community rules, Facebook reserves the right to delete your content and/or your page(s). The best way to protect yourself against being blindsided? Read your terms and policies.

Facebook Terms and Policies

Unbelievably, Facebook’s Terms and Policies are quite clear and digestible. The information covers data policy, advertisement guidelines and general user responsibilities.

Consider reading one section at a time, one day at a time. The terms cover many platform features, so prioritize what is most relevant to your social strategy. Avoid trying to memorize the document. As a social media lead, you should simply know the rules enough to make an informed decision when necessary.

Know ALL your social policies

Building a sound social media strategy includes investing the time to be sure you are following the rules on all your social platforms. If you are creating a social media team or building a new page, include platform policy review as part of the process. Not only will you feel more secure in your company’s social media decisions—your work will have the official Facebook stamp of approval.

Rules are rules, so it is helpful to get creative. Social pro Lissa Duty shares a few of her tips for using customized Facebook lists to improve security and ease anxiety for admins. The more you know the platform, the better you can make it work for you.

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