Build Your Integrity with Digital Marketing in 2019

The buying experience is getting more critical to the consumer and they want to buy from a dealership they can trust. They need to know that you have their best interests in mind. Digital marketing offers many ways of showcasing the excellent customer service your dealership provides. Build your integrity with digital marketing in 2019.

Promote A Culture Of Family-Friendly Shopping Experiences.

Video should be an essential part of your digital strategy.  YouTube is the second largest search engine.  If you’re not participating in this area, then your missing opportunities that your competition is leveraging.  Testimonials and short customer reviews about your dealership help build trust and integrity.  The next time a customer has an exceptional experience, share their story and elevate your marketing.

Promote Your Team.

Employee shaking hands with customer

Do you have employees that have been with you for more than eight years?  A great shopping experience begins with a solid sales team.  Long term employees often have sold to multiple generations. Create short stories about these loyal team members.  Highlight their relationship with their customers.  Show potential customers you are family friendly. 

Be Creative and Precise With Your Message!

Digital advertising allows you to be very creative and precise. The ability to target your ad to a specific consumer is unmatched. This will allow you to create particular ads for select groups of people, such as Russian speaking consumers. Create campaigns that are meaningful to your specific audience in 2019. Remove the limitations of traditional advertising and be more intentional and thoughtful. A creative and precise marketing campaign will improve integrity with your clients.

It’s Time To Make It Happen!

New tools are constantly being developed to help you perfect your digital campaign.  Log into your Google Analytics and examine your website traffic.  Are you converting web traffic into store traffic?  Simple website optimizations can make significant differences in building new sales for 2019.  Monitor your online reviews.  Quickly address any negative comments.  Leverage the tools available, and build your integrity with digital marketing in 2019.
“Dependent upon the platform, you want to be building your dealership’s reputation with reviews, culture content, special offers, and communicating with your followers while at the same time working to gain more.”
Alexandra Patty

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