3 Reasons Why Your Client’s Lead Conversion Sucks!

Lead Conversion is at the bottom of the Sales Funnel but can have a big impact on Sales.
Is Your Problem at the Lead Conversion Stage?

Have you ever worked your tail off on an awesome marketing campaign, generating great leads for your client, only to find that few of those leads are converting into paying customers?

It happened to us, running ad campaigns for doctors.

You can learn from our real-life lessons on three ways your client may be inadvertently sabotaging their own lead conversions and what we did about them.

If you are confident that you are targeting the right audience and bringing relevant leads, then you will want to investigate these areas for problems.

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Problem 1: They Don’t Have Dedicated, Trained Staff for Lead Conversion

Picture of President Obama on the phone in the Oval office, with feet on desk.  Is he Converting a Lead?
Converting a Lead?

If your clients are small to mid-size, they likely don’t have dedicated staff to respond to leads.

In our case, we found one doctor had receptionists and nursing assistants assigned to working their leads.

That can be okay if their staff prioritizes lead contact and follow up.

It is a bigger issue if that same staff has no experience or training to “close the deal”.


Have a discussion with your client and their staff who are handling the leads.

With our client, we found they lacked training, and their responsibilities were unclear.

We connected them with resources that would get them the training they needed. Also, the doctor designated a primary and a backup individual.


They went from barely any lead conversions to over 10x improvement in conversion rate.

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Problem 2: They Are Not Responsive to Incoming Leads

From last photo of President Obama, this is Michelle Obama on the phone in front of Christmas lights.  Is he engaging with incoming leads or something else?
Engaging with Leads?

Leads age. Every hour that goes by, their value declines. Your leads go from a potential customer who was ready to engage to one who may have had a change of heart.

Another of our client doctor’s staff had challenges in following up within 24 hours.

We found that the lead forms that came to them in an email were not “visible” in the sea of regular emails they had.


You may need to do some detective work, secret shopping, as well as, frank discussion to get to the bottom of this.

We ended up agreeing to change their ads to route a call to a designated office number where Leads were sure to get an instant response.


Their lead conversion improvement turned a negative ROI into a rather profitable source, and bigger ad spend.

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Problem 3: They Are Not Attentive / Managing Their Staff on Lead Conversions

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Party Time!?

Your clients may be like ours – they are not professional sales managers.

Yet, they do need to adopt measurements and processes that ensure they are keeping tabs on their staff’s performance.


This is hard to assess and delicate to discuss with a client.

One of our doctor clients had several “lines of business. Ultimately, with a trusting relationship and frank discussion, we were able to understand that the one we were advertising was, unfortunately, not a high priority for him.

If he were motivated, we were prepared to help him plan metrics and reporting that he could review with his staff weekly, and monthly, to maintain a healthy lead conversion ratio.


There are some things you cannot fix.

We agreed to halt the ad campaign. It was not a good investment for the doctor to continue without the supporting back-end for success..

We did leave the door open if his priorities were to change.

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The Ultimate Fix

President Obama is in Oval Office signing a paper in front of his Cabinet members.  Is he solving the lead conversion problem by instituting a checklist?
Add to Your Checklist

Ultimately, you need to get this right from the start to optimize lead conversions.

When you first engage with a client for a lead generation campaign, ask them about these three things.

Are they prepared for success too?

It is now part of our checklist for engaging clients and should be on yours too.

And with your existing clients, where lead conversion seems a problem, these are the key areas to check for ways to improve those numbers and THEIR ROI.

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