3 Pillars of Social Media to Enhance Brand Intimacy

Woman smiling while looking at her tablet screen with multiple digital connections represented by drawings on the wall behind her showing her social media intimacy
image courtesy www.youthvoices.live

Do you want to enhance your brand intimacy on Social media? You need to focus on three key pillars. Connect to engage, converse to excite and listen everywhere. The result is a more engaged and devoted audience. Let’s explore these three pillars that boost brand intimacy on social media.

Connect to engage: Make the right type of connection.

A dog and cat looking at each other through a glass door trying to connect with one another to show it is important to connect with right audience to enhance brand intimacy on  social media
Connect with the right audience

The secret to a successful relationship depends on making the right connection. There are many social media platforms to choose from however to enhance brand intimacy, you should choose the right channel mix. And hey, there is no universal formula in social media. Therefore, not all channels connect with the audience in the same way. Each channel is unique with a distinct audience, different purpose and communication style. For instance, Facebook builds community, Twitter is crisp and topical, LinkedIn is a professional powerhouse. So, craft the engagement strategy keeping in line with this difference and you will see your brand intimacy maximize on social media.

Converse to excite: Collaborative communication.

Three monkeys engrossed in a two-way conversation with head tilted to represent like in any relationship collaborative conversation is key to enhance brand intimacy on social media
Free-flowing two-way communication

Encourage audience participation. Social media and traditional media are not alike. Social media allows for two-way communication. Take advantage of it. Such exchanges on social media enhance brand intimacy. Be consistent. Be collaborative. Also, use a good mix of rich verbal and visual content. Adopt a fun interplay and conversational style communication and see your brand peak on engagement metrics. Want to enhance the brand intimacy furthermore? Engage your audience through games, polls, and contests. This is a great way to boost audience participation and brand affinity. Additionally, brands must recognize that everyone has an equal voice. Always avoid statements or imagery that might have a negative impact on consumer sentiments.

Listen everywhere: Listen intently with your eyes and ears open.

A cute dog listening intently with a raised ear to show listening is important to enhance brand intimacy on social media and relationship
Listen intently

Do you want to improve your relationship? Then listen more. It improves the understanding of a relationship. Brands must listen to consumers across all digital platforms to improve brand intimacy. Practice active listening. Keep a constant check on comments and posts across channels. This helps avert crisis and build credibility. There are several listening tools and monitoring tools for social media. Use these to monitor what is being said about your brand and its competitors. This is a great enabler for brands to be agile and responsive. Consumer’s attention span is shrinking. Therefore in social media, time lost is an opportunity lost. So, it is critical to listen intently and everywhere to enhance brand intimacy on social media.

It is a fast-paced digital world. There are multiple brands competing for consumer’s love. Hence, it is important for the brand to be always top of mind. Social media enhances brand intimacy by empowering it to understand and react to the consumer pulse in real time.

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