3 Benefits of Using Facebook Live in Business

Facebook is the most popular social media network even with all the bad press they’ve received. This platform can be invaluable for brands as there are so many ways to interact with current and future customers. Facebook can be used to share important company updates as well as share events and photos. Business accounts allow for access to robust advertising tools and analytics. These pages also allow you to highlight hours of operations, contact information, and so much more.

As the most popular social media platform in the world – with more than 2 billion users – Facebook provides a range of ways for brands to engage and interact with their audience. Facebook Live gives companies the capacity to showcase the ‘behind the scenes’ elements of their process, to portray the human element, which is important when looking to connect via social networks. 

In early 2016, Facebook launched their Facebook Live live-streaming option, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg making the announcement himself via the new feature.

Mark Zuckerberg Announces Facebook Live in 2016

Facebook Live is the most sociable and genuine way to communicate key messages to a following; it’s in the moment, as it’s happening, uncut and real. It’s real people conversing and engaging with other real people. Facebook Live works as a window into the inside life of a company, beyond polished exteriors and branding.

Here are 5 benefits of using Facebook Live in business:

1. Connect with Your Audience Directly

Facebook Live allows businesses access to the world’s largest online audiences through a platform they already use every day. One of the best benefits to using Facebook Live for business is its personal approach to content. Many brands use Facebook Live just as a quick Q&A session without all the big production behind the content. Regardless of how a business chooses to use Facebook Live, it gives them a direct connection to their audience.

2. Cost-Effective Video Strategy

In such a busy world, where everyone is constantly surrounded by brands, marketing is a must. With billions of dollars being spent on marketing each year, Facebook Live is a refreshing and low-cost way of connecting with an audience.

It doesn’t matter who you are, brands are always looking for cost-effective strategies when it comes to social media marketing. And with the influx of video, it’s hard to stay on budget and provide beautiful, attention-grabbing content to your followers.

However, Facebook Live relieves a bit of that stress. Most users enjoy the live-action and unedited approach to live videos. This means you don’t need an expensive camera, set design or editing skills. Facebook Live is all about living in the moment.

3. Native Analytics

Facebook Live has unique features for audience engagement, such as real-time commenting and Live Reactions that allow hosts and viewers to interact. In addition to this real time engagement, Facebook Live has built-in analytics capabilities to track video performance. Businesses also have the ability to boost live videos as paid ads to reach even more viewers.

Facebook, as a comprehensive social platform, has well-developed in-stream analytics. In addition to the standard Facebook Insights video stats, Live analytics have been refined even further to offer information on peak live viewer figures, total reach, reactions, comments and shares.

Having access to the user-friendly analytics dashboard makes it simple for companies to see what content works and what doesn’t. Reviewing analytics is vital to the success of each business’ Facebook strategy; knowing what type of live content your audience responds well to allows you to create more of it.

Facebook Live is a huge resource for businesses looking for a cost-effective way to reach customers directly while using the intelligence of a robust analytics platform to determine audience in engagement. Every business should be using this marketing asset.

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