What’s Your Story?

Whats your story? The world connects to something or the other there is a situation. There is an experience and then there is a necessity. That’s when the products and service are created. Every product or a service has a compelling story behind it.  When we watch an advertisement on the TV you are most likely to find a story with the product. Maybe a medicine, a car, or even a tissue roll.

All the salespeople are Product or Service Evangelists. They will always have a story to say. A Narrative to be more precise. Where they can position their product, to increase the impact and necessity of the same. We are all humans and there is always something we connect to. Even if we switch the roles, we should always think and ask what’s your story.

Human Connect:

The whole world is connected now better than ever. Its easy to connect with any one across the whole seven continents. With the revolution the internet has bought into our lives, we have been able to connect , talk, see each other within the fraction of minutes. Alexander grahambell had a story when he invented the telephone. Then came the long distance and then the Cell phones and now Skype. Facetime, and other platforms for video chat. What remained stable and vital is the Human connect. It has been improvized over the years. Making things simple and easy with every product, or service over the internet has a story, a pain, or a problem, sometimes just a noble thought to make things better and easy for the world. Reason, cause , and effect and a train of thought is what will make ones story, behind every idea to make this world a better place.


The next big thing, and the most vital for building any story, or an idea. How different and easy can be things? This is possible only with proper and effective communication. Things can bring you joy, but what stays with you is the experience you get of them.Building a great user story is what it takes for any company in the market to be successful. As its widely said, its not the food only which will drive you to a restaurant, its the experience, the ambience and the service which pulls you to go again. Small businesses, down the street across the whole country will connect with us more than big corporations on TV. We know them , we like them. They are one of us, they live around and more importantly, we know their story. They provide us with a great experience and would communicate with us so well. And so we go to them repeatedly and keep them in business.

Emotional Quotient:

We are all humans, we will always have an emotion behind everything we do. And this emotional quotient has a big role to play. Any situation that compels you to do something or to react to a situation can end up being a movement or a revolution. For instance, One mother who lost her child in an accident caused by a drunk driver has started a movement across the country and now are helping the victims since then. https://www.madd.org It was a humble beginning, started a kitchen table in 1980 and now its a movement all over the Country with tremendous support from corporations. This is a non-profit organization, but howeve if you want to be heard? You better have a good story which can connect and reach and touch all those lives with the impact you can bring to the society.

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