social media strategy world cup ready

How to make your social media strategy World Cup ready

Do you know what’s trending online right now? Real-time monitoring may be crucial to your business. If you know what people are talking about, you can make informed decisions about your digital marketing strategy. Trending topics are powerful because they show what interests are popular and what people are paying attention to at that very moment. Connecting your strategy with trends is the most effective way to capture the attention of a broader audience. This means that during the World Cup, you need to be talking about the World Cup. Here’s how to make your social media strategy World Cup ready.

Cost of advertising in the World Cup

Russia kicked the 2018 World Cup off with a bang and a devastating 5-0 defeat of Saudi Arabia in the opening game of the tournament. FIFA’s once-every-four-years worldwide athletic showdown looks set to break all-time records in revenue and viewership. By the championship game after four weeks, research company GlobalWebIndex forecasted a total viewership of 3.4 billion people. That’s almost HALF the world’s population.

Corporations didn’t waste time jumping in on the action. Fox claims to have sold 75% of their total ad space and projects ad profits to reach up to $50 million. That means a 30-second commercial costs about $400,000. If your business didn’t plan for this budget, you will be quite the hero when you reach a bigger audience with a well-placed tweet, hashtag, or social media ad. The official #worldcup hashtag might be off limits to non-sponsors, but a well-timed #MEXvsGER reaches millions.

World Cup Audience

Stats about socil media strategy world cup impact

According to the website, the World Cup hashtag was used in over 24 million posts during the month-long 2014 tournament. The opening game generated over 12.2 million tweets and the 90-minute final game resulted in 32.1 million tweets. With this amount of activity, can any type of business afford to miss out?

Connect Your Content

Staying up to date on the specific World Cup trends is easier with a monitoring program such as This way, you’ll know exactly what hashtags are used and all the major moments as they occur. Incorporate your product or brand into the conversation. Create something the World Cup audience can retweet and spread your message!

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