Ready to upgrade your map app? Check out this Emoji-based app 🗺👌

Do you remember the days when you used an actual map to get around?  Yes, a paper map – the one you purchased from a local gas station and stored in your glovebox.  If you’re a millennial, then probably not.  Nowadays we all have our favorite go-to map app but sometimes typing an address can be a lot of work.  Now there’s a new iOS map app that’s accelerating the way you use maps on your phone in a visually compelling way.  Emoji-based map app WYD, short for “what you doing”, uses emojis rather than a text keyboard to search for nearby places to explore and share with friends.

Key features of WYD:

  • With just one tap, you can use an emoji to search for Fast Food 🍟, Music 🎺, Museums 🎨, Wine Bars🍷, Pet Stores 🐶, Parks 🌳, Hospitals 🏥, etc.,
  • Personalization with the favorite places feature.  Add any place to your favorites to see a personalized map of your favorite locations, all categorized by their corresponding emojis.
  • Socially integrated by allowing users to share their favorite locations, follow each other and send messages.  Chat and see your friends’ favorite places.  It also integrates with apps like Instagram.  Places are linked to tagged Instagram photos that are updated in real-time so you always get relevant information.
  • Time saver and a one-stop shop to get directions, make a reservation, and send places to friends.  Saves you time from using several apps to plan an evening out with friends.

If you are an emoji fan and looking for an upgrade to your map app, you can download the free WYD app here.  It’s available on devices running iOS 11 or later.  Unfortunately, the Android users will have to wait though, a version is planned but is not currently in development and does not have a release date.



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