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Yes, No, or Emoji? Creating Polls on Instagram

Yes? No? Emoji?! Instagram recently joined Facebook and Twitter as the newest social media channel to offer polls, which are offered exclusively on Instagram stories. Users answer a “yes or no” question or select an emoji on a sliding scale to provide feedback. Marketers using the poll feature on Instagram provide a fun, unique avenue to enhance engagement and learn valuable insight from customers. As we’ve learned, active engagement is a necessary route businesses must take in order to keep people coming back. Below are tips to create polls on Instagram stories and understand the impact of asking questions.

Adding Polls to Stories 

Initially, content creators must know how to publish polls on Instagram stories which is an easy process for active users. First, create a regular story by adding a photo or typing text onto one of the typing backgrounds. Next, press the same button used to post stickers and choose from “POLL” or the emoji sliding scale. The sliding scale emoji can be customized by holding down the default emoji and choosing a different emoji. The text for “yes” or “no” in the classic poll tool can be replaced with custom phrases, inviting the audience to participate in decision making. Finally, post that story and wait for results!

So Long, Anonymity

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, anonymity is nonexistent on story polls. Creators can follow results throughout the duration of the poll which provides instant information. Specifically, visit the story containing the poll and swipe up at any time to see how followers are responding. After 24 hours, the poll’s creator receives a notification detailing how each follower voted. By eliminating anonymity, Instagram has created a way for businesses to monitor demographics (on public accounts). Users responding to polls posted by friends, however, were less than thrilled with this realization. Consequently, use self control when responding to polls from both business and personal pages.

Purposeful Engagement

Beginning promotion of an event with Instagram polls is a great way to assess the level of current engagement. For example, a sports organization may ask the audience via a poll:

Next week, what would you like to see more of? 

A) Behind the Scenes of Practice

B) Athlete Live Q & A

After results come in, the organization provides the results and responds accordingly. Let’s assume choice (A) wins the vote and the social media team executes a plan to take fans behind the scenes on Instagram stories. Fan engagement increases by providing exclusive content on stories and hopefully brings the fans back for more polls. As interest levels grow and access to a fan’s favorite team improves, users are more likely to remain engaged. As demonstrated by Sports Illustrated, content creators took advantage of March Madness hype and polled fans to predict game results the tournament.

Enjoy the Process

Because answering a question takes two seconds, polls are one of the fastest ways to generate feedback for businesses while having fun. Polls don’t always need to be business related and can be lighthearted topics, such as user preferences in the old dog vs. cat debate. Create polls asking lighthearted questions and see how the audience responds. Keep a record of which questions receive the highest engagement for future planning. Instead of casually observing results, listen actively to the feedback being shared. As a result of consistent engagement, fans will keep coming back for more fun!



Business Digital Voice

Business Digital Voice is all about customer experience business. It is no longer competing on products and services. But its also about delivering superior experiences. Business Digital Voice creates a good digital experience, but one should have the understanding the voice of customers. Since it is the investment to select a digital Voice Of the Customer tool. The tool allows to interact with the website visitors and also helps in taking their feedback for better future results.

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Why the GDPR is important and how to implement the new regulations. 

Wondering why you have been receiving several emails from companies and organizations saying they have updated their privacy policy? These emails are a result of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new data privacy regulation that was created to give individuals in the European Union (EU) protection and control over their personal data. The GDPR applies to all companies and organizations established in the EU or if part of its customer base is located in the EU. If your company is in the United States but you have customers in the EU, you must follow the GDPR.  The GDPR is important because it affects how businesses can collect and use personal data. Continue reading

Unlock the difference between Snapchat lenses and filters

Do you know the difference between Snapchat lenses and filters? If not, you’re not the only one. To unlock the difference between Snapchat lenses and filters, you have to be able to differentiate between them. It’s confusing because Snapchat introduced lenses after the filters, and users are not sure how to differentiate them.  There are similarities between the lenses and filters, but they are also differences. The main difference is that the lens is animated and the filter is stationary.  

This blog will unlock the difference between Snapchat lenses and filters. Continue reading

How To Curate Your Own Cohesive Instagram Feed

How often do you open Instagram and stumble upon a stranger’s beautiful feed? You then find yourself scrolling for entirely to long. This is not by accident, this curated and cohesive Instagram feed is by design. When you think of your favorite influencers, many have a common theme. They utilize the same filters, have high quality images, and have an overall mood throughout their feed. Visualize in your mind what you would like to be known for and what makes your personal brand unique.  Continue reading

Technical Resource Crunch is Real

employmentTechnical Resource Crunch is Real despite unemployment being at 3.8% as per the report on June 01, 2018. The Technical Resources Crunch is still a reality for big IT Firms.

The three essential factors that Influence Technical Resource Crunch are People, Process, and Technology. The companies are investing in future. Their vision is to adopt the new technologies to enhance their user experience. Improve their customer satisfaction graph. The technical resources pool who develop, design and maintain those applications drive the industry. Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Instagram Pods

Instagram Pod Clip Art

To pod or not to pod? That is the question. 

Unless you’re someone who is deep in the trenches of all things Instagram, you may not even know what an Instagram Pod is, so let’s review.

An Instagram pod is when a group of people that have similar IG accounts (e.g. photographers, makeup artists, lifestyle bloggers, etc.) get together and agree to Like and comment on each other’s photos to increase engagement and activity. Since Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm is so elusive, this has become a popular way for accounts to be deemed more relevant. This method increases the chance of current followers seeing your content in their feed and new followers seeing it in the Discovery feed. But does it actually work? Here are  pros and cons of Instagram Pods.


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Identify Your STAMP

digital footprintIdentify your digital STAMP in five key steps for continued success in today’s social world. This is your STAMP! Simple-True-Act-Map-People. Hone in on two STAMP objectives. Here’s a breakdown of the five steps to identify your stamp.  Continue reading

No Bullshit Social Media, review

No Bullshit Social Media

No Bullshit Social Media, reviewAnyone with a grasp of the big picture begins to realize that PR, marketing, sales, and even customer service are not four distinct silos that compete for dollars and face time with senior executives. They are four sides of the same square. What one does affects the other side and each one of these facets is a part of social media. In the book No Bullshit Social Media; The All-Business, No-Hype Guide to Social Media Marketing, Jason Falls and Erik Deckers remind us that social media is where our customers are. No Bullshit Social Media offers direct insights about precisely what social media should do for a brand:

-Enhance brand awareness
-Protect brand reputation
-Enhance public relations
-Build community
-Enhance customer service
-Facilitate research and development
-Drive leads and sales
Not just that, but these two take a deep dive into how to properly use social media and who should be at the helm. This last point is particularly interesting.

Social Media is for Senior Staff, Not Interns…

Social Media is NOT an entry level position- it requires Continue reading