Instagram Updates your Business Should be Using

instagramThis year’s Instagram updates every business should be using! According to Instagram has jumped from the number four spot to the number two spot (up 54% from 2017) for business marketing. Why? Because of the awesome updates the platform continues to roll out. Some of the great new features include updates to: Call to Action, Direct Messaging, Story Highlights and a Mute feature.

Instagram Update: Call to Action

Call to action buttons allow your followers to take action for whatever it is your business is offering. Users can now make a nail appointment straight through the Instagram. Hungry? This instagram update allows the user to order food or reserve a table through a click of the button on a restaurant’s instagram account. And buying tickets was never any easier! 

Instagram Update: Direct Messaging

Do you dread the DMs? Instagram has simplified the Inbox! Now, DMs will be sent to your Direct folder. Here you will be about to star and filter through the messages that you’d like to follow up with. And those annoying “so-and-so mentioned you in their story” messages will get sent to a separate folder! Auto messages will soon be a new feature as well for those questions that get asked over and over. All these updates will make responding to messages easier and more efficient! 

instagram story highlightsInstagram Update: Story Highlights

Late last year, Instagram introduced it’s new Highlight update. This update is a game changer for businesses! Highlights allow for your amazing cultivations from your Story to remain past the 24 hour time limit. Instagram Highlights will remain on your page until you decide as a business to take them down! This update just one-upped SnapChat.

Instagram Update: Mute Feature

instagram mute buttonThis instagram update is not as important but still a factor to consider. The mute feature on instagram works similar to Facebook’s unfollow feature. Followers can still ‘follow’ your business without seeing your stories or posts in their feed. All that time and effort into creating the perfect post may go unliked by your fans if they have muted your discussion. Moral of this one is, don’t be annoying with your business posts. 

Thanks Instagram, for making the job of all the business owners or social media managers out there that much easier with user friendly updates! 

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