Influencers: Increasing your Brand’s Awareness

influencers marketing
Influencers are quickly changing the way brands are getting awareness out for their product or service. ‘Tribes’ are everything and influencers create that connection with their followers. The moment something hints of an advertisement, people become skeptical. Influencers become a trusted source with their honest opinions of your brand. Here are a few ways using influencers can increase your brand’s awareness. 

Niche based Influencers

This new trend of influencer marketing is a different take on traditional marketing. Instead of looking for an marketing agency or spending ad dollars boosting a post, influencers bring awareness to your brand organically through their following. Depending on what your brand is looking for will help determine the type of influencer you should work with. Whether your brand promote product or services, it’s best left for the ones that have a niche in your line of work. For example, if you run social media for a restaurant, finding a marketer that focuses their audience specially on food would be your best option. 

Your Brand vs. Your Influencer

You’ve found a niche influencer with 100K followers that’s also local. Awesome! Or is it? What does the engagement of their posts look like? Yeah, they may have 100K followers, but how many of them actually interact with the posts. Is your influencer playing the hashtag game? ‘Like for like’. ‘Follow for follow’. These are big red flags for a brand and assure that the 100K followers don’t care about your product or service. Don’t waste dollars on that. (Yes, the good influencers will cost a decent paycheck). Focus in on the influencers that really care about what they ‘sell’. The ones that make it seem like your best friend is telling you to try this new Mexican restaurant because they have THEE best margaritas in town. Personal stories that include genuine use or mention of a product, service, or brand are more trusted than straight product reviews.

Once you find a few influencers you are interested in for your brand, start ‘following’ them to see what type of vibe they leave. If everything on their feed feels like an advertisement, followers aren’t going to buy in. The most effective influencers come off as authentic and loyal to their tribe. 

Whatever you are looking for in an influencer to increase your brand’s awareness, find a niche local influencer marketer with authentic content their audience engages with. 

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