Improve Increasing “Stickiness” For An Online Business

“Stickiness” is an informal measure of how well a brand resonates with consumers, including both quantifiable and quantitative attributes. The best way to improve it is by creating a website that emphasizes the company’s unique nature.

3 Ways to Improve Company Stickiness

A brand’s stickiness is determined by every aspect of the company, from customer service to website navigation. Tying it all together and creating a unique and cohesive customer experience is

Improve user experience

How users experience the site is a major factor in stickiness. In general, sites that load quickly and are intuitively easy to navigate are stickier – fancy designs might look nice at first, but if users grow frustrated with trying to find something, they’re unlikely to come back or even complete their first order.

Provide Up-to-Date Content

After the initial visit to your website, you must give visitors a reason to come back on a regular basis. Publishing a website, even a great one, is only the first step. Consistently creating new content and adding it to your website not only increases stickiness, it also bolsters your search engine optimization.

Don’t just market products 

promote your brand: At the same time, businesses should emphasize the elements that make it unique. If visitors see the store as just another place to shop, the company isn’t sticky – it’s forgettable. Remember that it’s extremely difficult to get users to remember a brand after only one exposure to it – they need to be exposed to the brand’s unique traits several times before it will stick in their minds, and that’s why it’s important to follow up on purchasing customers with email, social media, and other methods of interacting with them.

Make Navigation Intuitive

There are many ways to navigate a web page but intuition rules the day. Don’t try to get fancy with your navigation or overuse javascript. Basic navigation that follows current convention is the best way to lead individuals through your website to the information they’re looking for.

Encourage users to interact

Adding interactive components to a website and social presence creates a two-way relationship that goes beyond a simple transaction. In addition to incentive-based interactive measures such as discount codes, adding social media linkage buttons to your ads is another method of encouraging consumers to interact with your brand.

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