Identify Your STAMP

digital footprintIdentify your digital STAMP in five key steps for continued success in today’s social world. This is your STAMP! Simple-True-Act-Map-People. Hone in on two STAMP objectives. Here’s a breakdown of the five steps to identify your stamp. 

Identify your Stamp: SIMPLE

Simplify everything! Instead of an overwhelming to-do list, create a not (yet) to-do list. This list should be longer than your to-do list. The not yet to-do list will act more as a brain dump, if you will. Get everything out of your mind that you would like to accomplish in the foreseeable future. This will help you task your to-DO list better and prioritize your time for what is most important to get done today. Because, let’s be honest, multi-tasking is actually just ‘switch-tasking’. Your brain is going from A to B making you less efficient than what you would have been if you did one task at a time and do it well.

Identify your Stamp: TRUE

What one word would you use to identify yourself? Now, take that word and put it into a sentence. Does this sentence describe you? It should. This word and this sentence will help you solidify your stamp. When others speak of you, this word should come to their mind! Stay true to your word and you will come across as more authentic to your audience. 

Identify your Stamp: ACT

Everyone makes mistakes. How you react to your mistakes will continue to identify your stamp. “I made a mistake. Here is what I will do to fix my mistake.” Then, fix it! Make yourself flawsome! Own your flaws and own your mistakes will identify you as awesome when you take the right steps to correct what you’ve done (or said). 

Identify your Stamp: MAP

Map out your future. Where do you see yourself? You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t have a map or a plan for how to get there. Everyone has things in life that hold them back. However, no matter the detour, the successful never lose sight of their destination. Continue to identify your stamp through pursing your path no matter the obstacles. 

Identify your Stamp: PEOPLE

At the end of the day, continued success is quantified by people that support you. However, instead of figuring out how you can get people to follow you, identify how you can give them something they want to keep coming back for. It’s not about what you’re getting but more about what you’re giving to your audience and they will come to you. 

Which two STAMP objectives can you focus on today to help identify your stamp in this world?

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