Humanize Your Brand

There are many strategies on how to humanize your brand and leverage the power of Instagram as a B2B business. Instagram isn’t a space solely for millennials, bloggers, and consumer brands. Today, Instagram is also a medium for B2B organizations. Many companies wonder how they fit the platform and how they can differentiate providing valuable content to their audience.┬áIt is important to understand that a piece of content that performs well on another platform will not perform the same on Instagram.

Humanize Your Brand

Utilize User Generated Content

If your organization is not active on Instagram, spend time prior to creating the account exploring hashtags and accounts that would be relevant to your vertical. You may discover an entire pool of content posted online from current customers or customers you would like to acquire. Ask for their permission to repost their photos or videos. You will have the opportunity to rely on users for genuine, quality content. By capturing customer stories the organization is able to build awareness and humanize your brand. Furthermore, customer photos and testimonials will speak for themselves.

Showcase Culture

This topic piggy-backs off of the first, but it is also relevant to discuss. Employees are a wonderful tool to leverage content. Allow each team member to share quality photos and engage with the audience. Sharing from each perspective will humanize the brand. Hubspot explains how customers want to know there are real people and real stories behind the brand.

Unlock The Possibilities With A Business Profile

Setting up an Instagram business profile takes less than 5 minutes. Each step is guided by a prompt and transitions easily from a traditional to a business profile. By converting the profile the organization instantly gains credibility. The business profile also opens a door for consumers to easily contact the brand. Customizable options are available such as adding a website, email, location, as well as a professional bio. The most noteworthy feature allocated is free analytics. In-app analytics provide the organization with the ability to measure engagement, reach, and which posts bring the most success. Finally, posts that drive engagement including comments and likes will allow your brand to build relationships with the audience.

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