Get More Comments on your Social Media!

Want to get more comments on your social media? Lucky for you, engagement is a strong force in the world of social media and there are plenty of ways to get more comments on your social platforms. For the sake of time, we will assume that you’re already putting engaging content out there. Now we just need to figure out how to get more comments. This blog will go over four clever ways to get more comments on your social posts.

  1. Use Holidays and Events

People love to see posts about holidays or events. They naturally piqueNational Ice Cream Day Image interests because they ’re something that complete strangers can celebrate together. It doesn’t only have to be recognizable holidays like Memorial Day or the 4th of July. You can use “unofficial” holidays like National Ice Cream Day or National Pet Day as well! Also, check out events that are coming and play off of those. Popular ones like the FIFA World Cup, the NBA finals, and even the MTV Awards will give you ample opportunity to get more comments on your posts. If you need assistance, there is a tool called Forekast that keeps a calendar of popular events. It is a good source to help you keep track of all of the “happenings.”

  1. Ask a Question

It seems simple, but asking questions is one of the most effective ways to get more comments on your post. According to Fast Company, questions trigger a mental reflex known as “instinctive elaboration.” When a question is posed, it takes over the brain’s thought process. And when your brain is thinking about the answer to a question, it can’t contemplate anything else. Ask your audience how they are celebrating a particular holiday or what they think of an event that is happening.  This creates the perfect opportunity to engage and get more comments.

  1. Get Visual

Videos and pictures are a great way to get more comments on your social posts. People tend to gravitate to visual content because it’s easier to consume and easy to share. Make sure you use clear imagery that includes a combination of pictures, videos, memes, and infographics. Also, make sure that the imagery you use isn’t copyrighted! That is a big no-no! When you do get visual, less text is more. You wouldn’t want to miss out on getting a comment because the reader got turned off by too much text.

  1. Fill-in-the-Blank

Fill-In-The-Blank question If I could go anywhere right now, I would go toThis could piggyback off of asking questions, but fill-in-the-blank posts will definitely get more comments on social posts. They give your audience an opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions and also builds camaraderie on your social channels. Try to keep the question short so that your audience doesn’t have to type out a long response. A good example would be, “I like to dip my french fries in ________”


Go get those comments!

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