FluentU: Entertaining Language Learning App

Drops, Duolingo, FluentU, the list goes on of options for language learning apps. This week’s review covers FluentU, a fun entertainment-based video language learning app that will keep beginners enjoying learning a new language. Compelling content like movie trailers, music videos, inspiring talks, and more is there to engage new users of FluentU.

FluentU describes their technology as “real world video content that’s entertaining, timely, and ideal for language learners.” This fantastic video language learning app and website certainly lives up to this claim.

Prices start at just $10/month for a basic membership

The video language learning app is available for download for iPhones (Android app coming soon). A subscription requires signup with an individual 15-day free trial. Users are then charged $10/month for a basic membership and $20/month for an upgraded version. Bonus: users can cancel at anytime. The plus version claims it is the most popular. Unlimited word lookup, quizzes, and even the ability to make your own flashcards are features available in the upgraded subscription.

Users of this video language learning app may select their choice of movie trailers in which key words and phrases occur. Then, while the movie is playing, captions appear below. Users may then pause the trailer and receive a spoken definition of an unknown phrase or word simply by tapping on the word.

A highly engaging language learning app, the content really does draw you in. Rather than memorization of phrases or words, users are able to connect with tangible, interesting content. The content, too, is all selected by choice – all the while teaching structure of language and basic grammar. For example, The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 2, is available to watch as a video or take a quiz. Crazy Rich Asians is also an option, a movie set to be in theaters later this summer!

Give FluentU a try for a fresh, entertaining approach to learning a new language!

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