Duolingo: Free Language Learning App that Delivers

In the world of language learning apps and technology, there are many options from which to choose. Duolingo is a great language learning app that does a nice job teaching beginners learning a new language for the first time.


Accessible via desktop, smart phone, or tablet

Upon registering for the free service, which includes a robust website plus iPhone and Android apps, users enter a home language for the interface. Language enthusiasts may then enjoy this well designed platform with their choice of topics on which to focus. Greetings, travel, food, family, and jobs are just a few of the examples.


Learn Any of 27 Languages

This “freemium” highly visual language learning app helps beginners learn up to 27 languages via multiple choice, fill in the blank, sentence construction and there is even a reward system to engage users! Copying the structure of video games, users collect lingots, Duolingo’s virtual currency.


Rewards Make For a Fun Experience

Furthermore, Duolingo also offers an optional placement test to evaluate your current language skills based on grammar and vocabulary. Speaking skills are separate from grammar skills. For instance, users may be great at speaking a language, but poor at writing it. Duolingo creates a custom learning model for folks in this boat.


Successive Learning Model

Duolingo Language Levels - Successive Learning Model

Levels must be completed successively. Basics 1, for example, must be completed before Basics 2 can be started.

Another benefit is that levels must be finished in order. For instance, you cannot advance to Basics 2 until you’ve finished Basics 1.

Watch the demo. Just a two minute vid!



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