How To Curate Your Own Cohesive Instagram Feed

How often do you open Instagram and stumble upon a stranger’s beautiful feed? You then find yourself scrolling for entirely to long. This is not by accident, this curated and cohesive Instagram feed is by design. When you think of your favorite influencers, many have a common theme. They utilize the same filters, have high quality images, and have an overall mood throughout their feed. Visualize in your mind what you would like to be known for and what makes your personal brand unique. 

How to create a cohesive Instagram feed

Step 1. Select a photo editing app

Presently there are hundreds of photo editing apps available on the market. However, not all apps keep the quality of your images high and many include overbearing filters. Some excellent photo editing apps to use while curating your cohesive Instagram feed include ColorStory, Snapseed, and Lightroom CC. Each app is free and available on your mobile device. After selecting the app of your choice, play with the filters and editing options. There are many tutorials online regarding each app if you are not sure where to begin.

Step 2. Choose a theme

After selecting your app, pick 4-5 preset filters. These filters will provide for a cohesive Instagram feed and begin to create an overall mood. If you switch between multiple apps and many filters, your feed will look cluttered. Remember that your goal is to share your unique style and personal brand. The image below is a wonderful example displaying this blogger’s unique brand. She pairs natural light with bright colorful photos. Her personal brand includes fashion, cocktails, and places she visits.

Example of a curated Instagram feed

Step 3. Preview your photos

Another important step in curating a cohesive Instagram feed is to preview your photos before you post. The useful app Preview allows you to upload photos from your library then rearrange and drop them in order to structure your posts. By doing so, you can get a true feel for how your feed will look before officially posting the photos. If something is visually displeasing, you are able to arrange your photos until everything looks as you would like it. This app is also free.

Preview app allows you to schedule your Instagram posts

Step 4. Schedule your posts

Now that your photos are edited, themed and arranged accordingly the last step to curating a cohesive Instagram feed is to schedule your posts. Life gets busy and we forget to post photos. You have worked hard at editing and planning which photo will go live next, now simplify your life by utilizing Preview’s scheduling tool. Your perfected photos that are scheduled to go live will post during the day and time you select.



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