Yes, No, or Emoji? Creating Polls on Instagram

Yes? No? Emoji?! Instagram recently joined Facebook and Twitter as the newest social media channel to offer polls, which are offered exclusively on Instagram stories. Users answer a “yes or no” question or select an emoji on a sliding scale to provide feedback. Marketers using the poll feature on Instagram provide a fun, unique avenue to enhance engagement and learn valuable insight from customers. As we’ve learned, active engagement is a necessary route businesses must take in order to keep people coming back. Below are tips to create polls on Instagram stories and understand the impact of asking questions.

Adding Polls to Stories 

Initially, content creators must know how to publish polls on Instagram stories which is an easy process for active users. First, create a regular story by adding a photo or typing text onto one of the typing backgrounds. Next, press the same button used to post stickers and choose from “POLL” or the emoji sliding scale. The sliding scale emoji can be customized by holding down the default emoji and choosing a different emoji. The text for “yes” or “no” in the classic poll tool can be replaced with custom phrases, inviting the audience to participate in decision making. Finally, post that story and wait for results!

So Long, Anonymity

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, anonymity is nonexistent on story polls. Creators can follow results throughout the duration of the poll which provides instant information. Specifically, visit the story containing the poll and swipe up at any time to see how followers are responding. After 24 hours, the poll’s creator receives a notification detailing how each follower voted. By eliminating anonymity, Instagram has created a way for businesses to monitor demographics (on public accounts). Users responding to polls posted by friends, however, were less than thrilled with this realization. Consequently, use self control when responding to polls from both business and personal pages.

Purposeful Engagement

Beginning promotion of an event with Instagram polls is a great way to assess the level of current engagement. For example, a sports organization may ask the audience via a poll:

Next week, what would you like to see more of? 

A) Behind the Scenes of Practice

B) Athlete Live Q & A

After results come in, the organization provides the results and responds accordingly. Let’s assume choice (A) wins the vote and the social media team executes a plan to take fans behind the scenes on Instagram stories. Fan engagement increases by providing exclusive content on stories and hopefully brings the fans back for more polls. As interest levels grow and access to a fan’s favorite team improves, users are more likely to remain engaged. As demonstrated by Sports Illustrated, content creators took advantage of March Madness hype and polled fans to predict game results the tournament.

Enjoy the Process

Because answering a question takes two seconds, polls are one of the fastest ways to generate feedback for businesses while having fun. Polls don’t always need to be business related and can be lighthearted topics, such as user preferences in the old dog vs. cat debate. Create polls asking lighthearted questions and see how the audience responds. Keep a record of which questions receive the highest engagement for future planning. Instead of casually observing results, listen actively to the feedback being shared. As a result of consistent engagement, fans will keep coming back for more fun!



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