How to Attract Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers are People Too

The internet is a big, scary world full of bots and anonymity. Anyone can create anything! Which is both wondrous and bloodcurdlingly terrifying. Trying to attract instagram followers can feel like screaming into a big empty cave or jumping out of a crowd. Who are these followers? Where do they come from? How can you get their attention? Pro tip: Don’t just throw large objects at the backs of their heads.

Follow the Golden Rule and Attract Instagram Followers

Ever heard that you’re supposed to treat others as you would like to be treated? Instagram followers want to feel like they know you personally. They want to feel special and appreciated. The same as you! Remember the special sparkly feeling you get when a celebrity mentions you and spread that love back to your followers.

This is why you don't have friends

Make it a Conversation

Your followers like your content. That’s why they follow you, remember? But you want to make them engaged. The easiest way to build and maintain your community is to encourage engagement. Talk WITH your followers instead of TO your followers. Use captions as the starting point to a conversation. Make sure to respond to comments!

Ask for Help

There are a TON of social media experts out there. ALL of them started at the same place you did – zero followers! They’ve managed to navigate through the anonymity of the web and develop friendships with millions of people they’ve never met in person. Ask for advice! Many have step by step guidelines about how to attract instagram followers. Why invent the wheel when you can adapt successful techniques?

Followers are People, Too

Don’t ever forget that behind the online profile, there is an actual human being. Each person has a story and opinion which adds its own value. Sometimes, it’s hard to allow opposing views or criticism on your content, but you have the power to control your own reactions. Keep it positive!

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