Using Instagram to Help Launch Your Business

Picture this: A long line of eager fans wait patiently outside the doors of your small business. Everyone is talking about the grand opening and are excited to use your product or service. Months leading up to this very day, they have been following your social media and already feel a sense of community with your brand. Why? Because you are leveraging the power of the ‘Gram. Sound too good to be true? Here are 4 tips on successfully using Instagram to help launch your business.

Create excitement during the construction process

If construction and renovation is needed for your business, use this to your advantage with before and after pics, #TransformationTuesdays, and insider knowledge that your fans might find interesting. Make sure to tag vendors and local businesses that might be supplying the lighting, counter tops, flooring, etc. This encourages those businesses to repost and tag you, sharing your business with all their followers-double whammy. Incorporate fun apps like Boomerang to showcase action shots. Last but least, set up a time-lapse video showcasing all the work being done.

Share stories about your staff

Can your cashier speak 4 languages? Did your chef sharpen his culinary skills in France? Share their stories with your followers! Highlighting your staff’s positions, asking why they joined the team, or having them share a funny story are all great ways to create a relationship between your followers and staff well before you open the doors.

Educate your followers on your product or service

Whether you’re the next trendiest brewery or planning to change the world with your photography backdrops, educating your followers is a great way to use Instagram to help launch your business. Leading up to takeoff, talk about your product or service in entertaining and innovative ways; teach your followers why you are different than the rest. Incorporate #FunFactFriday or some other hashtag that let’s your followers know there is VIP information being shared. Building this type of anticipation not only strengthens the community around your brand but leaves them craving more.

Be social

It’s not called Social Media for nothing, folks! Make sure you are using Instagram to follow other local businesses and influencers in your industry. If you’re opening the next hottest restaurant in town, make sure to follow all the foodie influencers in your city. Home paint company? Follow the local DIY influencers. But don’t just follow, engage! Like their photos, repost their posts and comment where appropriate. Building community this way ensures that these accounts are buzzing about your business in return.

Following these tips are a great start to using Instagram to help launch your business. So what are you waiting for? Open the doors- your fans await!

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