Use Instagram Story Highlights to Promote Brand

Instagram released their new Story Highlights feature in December 2017. While some have been using the Highlight reel to showcase more of their brand/profile, many haven’t tapped into this great new feature! Instagram Stories let’s the user capture a moment in time without making it permanent, the way Snapchat has done. However, with Instagram Story Highlights, the 24 hour rule no longer applies! The user can now add the Story to their Highlight reel! This is especially useful for brands and influencers that want to continue to promote a specific event or product after the 24 hour timestamp is up. Here’s a step by step process on how to use Instagram Story Highlights to promote your brand:


The Highlights appear right under the bio section and above the Instagram feed. This new feature is right in the face of the audience. Brand profiles can take advantage of this prime real estate! Instagram Stories Highlight reel is like movie trailers for your brand.


The new auto-archive option, allows for instant saving of all content posted to Instagram Stories. This way, after 24 hours is up, it’s accessible in the archives to search for old Stories to include in the Highlight reel. To set the Auto-Archive option to “On”, go to Story Settings.


To create Instagram Story Highlights, click the arrow next to Story Highlights & select the “New” button. Select a story or multiple stories from the archive, in the order they should appear on the Highlight reel. Once added, the cover photo can be edited as well as the title of the Highlight reel. Brands can use the edit cover feature to get that perfect cultivated Instagram look for their feed. To remove/edit a highlight, simply hold down on that highlight for the option to delete or edit.

Now, all that time spent creating and conceptualizing your brand’s awesome story can be seen over and over!

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