Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is important when looking to improve your market outreach.

If you’re missing the mark with your audience, ask yourself if you truly understand them. Here are 4 factors to consider when understanding your audience.

1. Know Your Demographics

People from different audience demographicsAccording to MPP Global Solutions, the first step is identifying your target audience.  Demographics identify who your audience is. Take a moment and envision who you want to target…How old are they? What’s their gender, interests, location, income level, location? In most instances, using these traits can streamline who you want to advertise or market to.

2.  Conduct Market Research

Now that you’ve identified your audience, its time to understand their habits. Research what they want, when they want and how they like to receive it. There are various methods of conducting research such as surveys, focus groups, social listening, etc. Identify which method works for your business model and begin conducting research from there. Understanding your audience and their preferences could be the key to improving your market strategy.

3. Watch Your Competition

Keeping an eye on your competition is another way to understand your audience. Observe which messages they use and3d Figure looking through magnifying glass how they engage with their customers. Take the time to read their blogs and follow their social channels. Decipher how they target their audiences. Are they offering products/services that you’re not? Are they utilizing social platforms that you’re not? What times of the day do they post and are they using more imagery than text? Spend some time watching your competitors habits and determine if you can do it better.

4. Don’t Waste Their Time

You’ve conducted your research, identified your target audience, learned their needs, now what? The time has come captivate your audience. Attract their attention by keeping the marketing content clear and concise. Search Engine Journal (SEJ) explains that a good marketer should also be focused on what has remained unchanged—human instincts, motivations, desires, and needs. Truly understand your audience and provide solutions to their problems. Don’t waste time sharing irrelevant information. Deliver what they want to know, how they want to receive it.

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