Team USA’s Social Truck Wins Gold for Fan Engagement

Team USA’s golden social media strategy was on full display last week as the Team USA Social Truck rolled onto to the campus of SMU and allowed fans to experience the Olympic movement up close. Through the social media strategy of Team USA followers are given the opportunity to interact with athletes, enjoy unique experiences, and are given content to post on their own social media channels.

Fan Engagement

Team USA excels at taking advantage of the opportunity to build fan engagement by allowing fans the chance to meet America’s team (the actual “America’s Team,” not a football team).  In Dallas, local Olympic Champion Carly Patterson greeted fans on the social truck and posted social media updates along the way to boost engagement.

When visiting the Team USA Social Truck, fans are greeted with free Oreo cookies and are given prize opportunities on site by posting pictures to social media. Of note, one of the prizes being given out at SMU had the Los Angeles 2028 logo on it. The United States Olympic Committee is wisely thinking ahead to promote the next Olympic Games that are set to be held in North America. Free cookies and swag: what more could a fan want?

Fans Creating Fans

Fans have the chance to create GIFS when visiting the Team USA Social Truck and in a matter of minutes are sent the images on their mobile device. Creating a fast and easy method for fans to share about their experience on social media has the potential to generate more excitement and create more followers of Team USA, resulting in more visitors to future fan events.

Although the Olympic movement only takes center stage every two years, Team USA capitalizes on the power of social media each day by actively connecting with its fans. Maintaining the excitement of the Olympic movement year round is certainly an achievement worthy of a gold medal.


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