Social media strategy lessons you can learn from your rooommate about social media strategy

4 Lessons your roommate can teach you about social media strategy

Whether you hate them or love them, roommates provide valuable life lessons. Apply these with your digital marketing and online presence! RIP leftover pizza and hello lifelong friendships. Here are four lessons your roommate can teach you about social media strategy:

1. Sharing is Caring

Remember when you used to leave that perfect portion of leftovers in the bottom corner of the fridge? You’re welcome, future self. But somehow, your roommate always manages to find it. Same with your favorite lipgloss and that perfect shampoo which used to match the amount of conditioner. Sharing your favorite things and intimate everyday moments builds a special relationship with your roommate. Allowing social media followers into these insider moments helps build your relationship with them as well!

2. Accountability is actually important

#tmw you literally will commit murder to avoid class but your roommate convinces you to go anyways. Turns out keeping your promises and obligations is just as important online as in person! Your character is your brand; maintain it well.

3. Social Media Strategy and Kindness

Have you ever thought about using your roommate’s toothbrush to clean the toilet? The struggle to hold that petty back is real. But, living with someone and dealing with her every day means you can’t avoid the consequences of poor actions. Roommates teach you kindness and how to put others before yourself. Following this rule in your social media strategy will build your engagement!

4. Apply that filter!

You know there are days when you just want to feel grumpy. And mad. And alone. But those are the days when your roommate ALWAYS hangs around. Instead of shouting every mean thought you can at her, hold it back and let the mood pass. Taking a moment to filter your words will save your relationship with your roommate and vastly improve your digital engagement. Remember to think through your posts and make sure it represents your brand well.

These are only a few valuable social media strategy lessons from your roommate! Do you have a story or experience about your roommate that helped with your digital marketing? Share in the comments below!

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