Millennial First Impressions

Millennial the New Generation has less patience with everything. They would love anything which takes less time, to do, to prepare or to judge on anything they come across. First impressions last long but there is more to everything that meets the eye.

It’s true that time is THE essence, but is it really time that is their real essence or is it the experience that makes the real sense and essence. They are the central point that would be preferred to term as the target audience for every other industry these days, be it politics, technology, culture or services.

What do they want 

Let’s have a look at what they want. The new generation often seem to confuse attitude with intention – it’s important to differentiate these two and that the two are far from being synonymous, as an individual’s general attitude towards any issue at hand turns out to be a poor evaluator of the actual behavior.

Millennial Job Loyalty

The 60’s and 70’s and some of the 80’s born did have a good share of fun and when they got a job they stuck to it.  Clocked-in Clocked-out years together and have been loyal to the employer/ company. The companies did take care of them. They did make sure the systems/organizations they worked for ran and sustained well over the years. Its been tough to gain millennial Job loyalty for the companies in current times. The new age employees believe in their intellect and talent more than companies and there is always someone who is paying better or creating rich work atmosphere to attract the talent.

Job Loyalty is often missing in the new generation, and the companies also,  are looking for fresh minds, who are less manipulated with news and surroundings.

Direct Human Interaction is at scarce

The new age of 20th century with computers has changed the world forever. Things started getting smaller and efficient. Technologies have emerged making life easier, simple and yet complicated all at the same time. For an instance – an IBM storage device of 125 MB they had to transport it in an aircraft which was the size of a refrigerator. Today a 256 GB capacity is in our pocket on a phone. Human interaction has considerably decreased. What can you expect from a millennial who is born the post year 2000 to understand the importance?

Especially, when the kid has spent the most time with gadgets. While his parents were working hard to ensure they go to better schools to get a quality education. There is no mistake from either side, what’s missing is the balance and inculcation of human values which is more important, to be a little more patient and judge a little less sooner and not to rely on First Impressions all the time.

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