Keeping Up With Instagram’s Algorithm Changes

Keeping up with Instagram’s algorithm changes in a world where likes, comments, and followers are everything is a constant uphill battle. In simpler times, users were blessed with a chronological feed and all made sense in the world. Times have changed and Instagram is notoriously known for switching up the algorithm just when a user thinks they’ve nailed a high number of likes and comments per post, and new followers. While no one has been able to successfully identify and share Instagram’s secret algorithm, there are several ways to keep up and ensure your content shows up on the right feeds:

Engaging with Instagram audience on feed

The Best Time To Post:

There is truth behind an Instagram post going live at the right time. Would you post at 3 AM knowing most of your followers would be asleep? Absolutely not. Set your profile up as a business account, and you have ability to see details regarding your audience or “followers”. Using this data, you are able to see what days and specifically what hours of each day your audience utilizes Instagram the most. Aim to post your content at a day and time that your audience is highly active. This will ensure your content is viewed at an optimum time, increasing likes, comments, impressions, and reach.

Use Instagram Hashtags:

Instagram’s algorithm loves when a user utilizes hashtags. By selecting specific hashtags, the post has a much higher chance of being featured on the Explore feed as well as expanding impressions and reach. According to, posts with at least one hashtag see 12.6% more engagement than those without. When deciding on which hashtags to use for a post, simply go to the explore feed and type a word into the search bar category labeled “Tags”. Select your word of choice and click on the “Search” button. A page full of popular hashtags populates and you have several strong options to include in your post. Choose relevant and specific hashtags that make sense for your post, rather than a large group of random hashtags.

Sharing Is Caring:

In this day and age, in order to receive engagement from followers and users, you must first give. This means liking, commenting, direct messaging, and interacting with user’s stories. As you boost others, your content in return boosts and won’t get buried in the depths of the Instagram feed. Consistently posting and interacting with other users shows authenticity, and let’s the algorithm know you are engaged.

You can drive yourself crazy trying to pinpoint what the algorithm is looking for. However, by consistently posting engaging content and sharing the Insta love, you will receive the engagement in return.  

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