Three Steps to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Steps for digital marketing strategy
Whether you’re the VP of Marketing, or you’ve just landed your first gig in the digital marketing field, these three steps can help improve your overall digital marketing strategy.

1. Understand Your Budget

There’s a tool, app, or cloud service for every marketing function or process that you can think of (and it’s constantly changing). Without a good understanding of how much you have to spend and where that money is currently going, it will be hard to prioritize on where you should spend and where you should hold off.

2. Operate Within Your Means

Now that you have a good understanding of your budget the next step is to stick with it. Beware of chasing shiny objects in digital. Your stakeholders may really like the idea of a multi-channel drip campaign. But if the end goal drives the user to a broken e-comm site, then what’s the point? Find the things are truly important to the business and let go of the things that are not. This approach should show stakeholders that you have the business’ best intentions in mind.

It’s also important to give yourself some buffer room in the budget. If you are redlining your team’s capacity or budget, you are in for a nasty surprise when unplanned expenses or a change in staffing occurs.

3. Understand Your Bottlenecks

Backlogs — Even the best strategies can create backlogs. These backlogs need to be constantly questioned, analyzed, and re-prioritized. If you ignore your team’s backlogs, they will grow unruly and can derail your digital marketing strategy.

Technical Bottlenecks — The things in your architecture or tech stack that slow progress are referred to as technical bottlenecks. Some of this is usually unavoidable – manual deployment processes, legacy code, and outdated hardware. Reducing your technical bottlenecks should be a part of your budget. Maintain an understanding of how they affect your overarching digital strategy and make small investments to keep your bottlenecks from turning into roadblocks.

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