Get it Together!

Get It Together! by Orlando Soria

Get it Together!

Get It Together! is hands down the funniest, most entertaining design and lifestyle book ever. Anyone who wants to lighten up and live a beautiful life will devour Orlando Soria’s hilarious, conversational style of writing- and likely feel like he is your new best friend. You may already be familiar with his blog Hommemaker– or have seen him on HGTV, or follow him on social media. His fan base is enormous and vocally appreciative of his authenticity.  Soria shares the good and bad of his personal and professional journey with an honest transparency-  in a relaxed way that makes him seem so familiar and human that readers may feel like they actually know him. His light-hearted approach evokes a page by page LOL, inviting us to rethink how seriously we take ourselves.

Get It Together! by Orlando Soria

You’ll Want to be a Hommemaker

The good-looking and personable author sees life through a humorous lens, addressing issues of heart and home with raw wit and honesty that will repeatedly catch you by surprise. Today’s audience both needs and appreciates what Soria has to offer- his vulnerability gives people hope when life isn’t easy. If you check out his social media presence you’ll see gratitude overflowing in the comments. Soria’s advice and pointers make living a beautiful life feel accessible. Get It Together! decodes interior design in a way that will appeal to both designers and those who will never afford a designer.
Let’s take a look at some of Soria’s beautiful project images (taken by Zeke Ruelas) with a few soundbites from the book.

Orlando Soria's Interior design in Get It Together!

“Wedding photos are for albums, not every wall of your house. Unless Annie Leibovitz shot your wedding.” -Orlando Soria



Orlando Soria's home in Get It Together!

“EVERYTHING YOU’VE HEARD ABOUT DESIGN RULES IS A LIE. There are no rules in design.” -Orlando Soria

How to throw a rager in Orlando Soria's book Get It Together!

“How to throw a party- Set the scene, then make a scene.”

Soria devotes a chapter to Homme Life, with pointers on how to throw a dinner party for like no money, how to throw a major rager, how to begrudgingly host a guest, how to be a good guest, and housecleaning pointers.

A chapter on Life Advice covers friends, relationships, losing your job, gaining weight, and so much more. Soria is as real as it gets. Get It Together! is so enjoyable that it will leave you wanting more, so let’s hope he has another book in the work. Get It Together! and order your copy here.



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