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Social Media Monitoring Assignment and Example

Here are the instructions for you Weekly Social Media Monitoring Reports. Please follow the instructions completely.

Your report is due Sunday night by 11:59p.

It should be no more than 1 1/2 US Letter size pages.

Save as a PDF and email to

In your report, include:

1.  (top of the page in ital) What you would whisper to your CEO/CMO about what we learned this week. Keep it very short and high level.

2. Bullet points of what happened, stats, numbers, sentiment, observations, etc.

3. The issues and items we will be watching closely.

Here is an example to follow. Ignore the competition noted at the bottom of the page for now.

Chipotle Sentiment Monitoring Report

Have fun.


Three Steps to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Steps for digital marketing strategy
Whether you’re the VP of Marketing, or you’ve just landed your first gig in the digital marketing field, these three steps can help improve your overall digital marketing strategy. Continue reading

Keeping Up With Instagram’s Algorithm Changes

Keeping up with Instagram’s algorithm changes in a world where likes, comments, and followers are everything is a constant uphill battle. In simpler times, users were blessed with a chronological feed and all made sense in the world. Times have changed and Instagram is notoriously known for switching up the algorithm just when a user thinks they’ve nailed a high number of likes and comments per post, and new followers. While no one has been able to successfully identify and share Instagram’s secret algorithm, there are several ways to keep up and ensure your content shows up on the right feeds:

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DROPS, Like, It’s Hot: Language Tech Tools

Drops Language Learning App - logo

Drops: Language Learning App – Learn Up to 29 Languages in Just 5-Minutes a Day

Among dozens of options for language learning, and English as a Second Language (ESL) to be specific, the power of the Drops language learning app cannot be ignored. Described as “effortless, visual language learning for iOS,” Drops is just that (sorry, Android users). With a free demo #absolutely worth downloading and exploring, users have the option of learning up to 29 languages at a beginner (free version only) or advanced level (upgrade required), and can opt for just 5-minute session lengths (more time available in the upgrade).  Continue reading

Social media strategy lessons you can learn from your rooommate about social media strategy

4 Lessons your roommate can teach you about social media strategy

Whether you hate them or love them, roommates provide valuable life lessons. Apply these with your digital marketing and online presence! RIP leftover pizza and hello lifelong friendships. Here are four lessons your roommate can teach you about social media strategy:

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Spending too much time on Instagram?

Spending too much time on InstagramDo you ever find yourself on Instagram just to kill a few minutes?  Before you know it you’ve wasted almost an hour mindlessly scrolling.  If you have an Instagram account, it’s probably a habit of yours that you don’t realize that you do.  Today with all the social media platform options, we are shifting more from text-based communication to visual communication.  With Instagram’s endless photo and video feed, it’s easy to become an #instaaddict.  Soon though we may know if we are spending too much time on Instagram. Continue reading

Using Instagram to Help Launch Your Business

Picture this: A long line of eager fans wait patiently outside the doors of your small business. Everyone is talking about the grand opening and are excited to use your product or service. Months leading up to this very day, they have been following your social media and already feel a sense of community with your brand. Why? Because you are leveraging the power of the ‘Gram. Sound too good to be true? Here are 4 tips on successfully using Instagram to help launch your business.

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Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is important when looking to improve your market outreach.

If you’re missing the mark with your audience, ask yourself if you truly understand them. Here are 4 factors to consider when understanding your audience.

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Sprout Social Approach

A very smart and effective way to reach the right consumers. Sprout Social, a powerful social media software helps in analyzing businesses. As a result, helps brands communicate with customers on social channels. Therefore, people actually want brands to engage in the conversation and communicate with them. In addition what more, what different they want brands to do.

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Team USA’s Social Truck Wins Gold for Fan Engagement

Team USA’s golden social media strategy was on full display last week as the Team USA Social Truck rolled onto to the campus of SMU and allowed fans to experience the Olympic movement up close. Through the social media strategy of Team USA followers are given the opportunity to interact with athletes, enjoy unique experiences, and are given content to post on their own social media channels.

Fan Engagement

Team USA excels at taking advantage of the opportunity to build fan engagement by allowing fans the chance to meet America’s team (the actual “America’s Team,” not a football team).  In Dallas, local Olympic Champion Carly Patterson greeted fans on the social truck and posted social media updates along the way to boost engagement.

When visiting the Team USA Social Truck, fans are greeted with free Oreo cookies and are given prize opportunities on site by posting pictures to social media. Of note, one of the prizes being given out at SMU had the Los Angeles 2028 logo on it. The United States Olympic Committee is wisely thinking ahead to promote the next Olympic Games that are set to be held in North America. Free cookies and swag: what more could a fan want?

Fans Creating Fans

Fans have the chance to create GIFS when visiting the Team USA Social Truck and in a matter of minutes are sent the images on their mobile device. Creating a fast and easy method for fans to share about their experience on social media has the potential to generate more excitement and create more followers of Team USA, resulting in more visitors to future fan events.

Although the Olympic movement only takes center stage every two years, Team USA capitalizes on the power of social media each day by actively connecting with its fans. Maintaining the excitement of the Olympic movement year round is certainly an achievement worthy of a gold medal.


Millennial First Impressions

Millennial the New Generation has less patience with everything. They would love anything which takes less time, to do, to prepare or to judge on anything they come across. First impressions last long but there is more to everything that meets the eye.

It’s true that time is THE essence, but is it really time that is their real essence or is it the experience that makes the real sense and essence. They are the central point that would be preferred to term as the target audience for every other industry these days, be it politics, technology, culture or services. Continue reading

Get it Together!

Get It Together! by Orlando Soria

Get it Together!

Get It Together! is hands down the funniest, most entertaining design and lifestyle book ever. Anyone who wants to lighten up and live a beautiful life will devour Orlando Soria’s hilarious, conversational style of writing- and likely feel like he is your new best friend. You may already be familiar with his blog Hommemaker– or have seen him on HGTV, or follow him on social media. His fan base is enormous and vocally appreciative of his authenticity.  Soria shares the good and bad of his personal and professional journey with an honest transparency-  in a relaxed way that makes him seem so familiar and human that readers may feel like they actually know him. His light-hearted approach evokes a page by page LOL, inviting us to rethink how seriously we take ourselves.

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Use Instagram Story Highlights to Promote Brand

Instagram released their new Story Highlights feature in December 2017. While some have been using the Highlight reel to showcase more of their brand/profile, many haven’t tapped into this great new feature! Instagram Stories let’s the user capture a moment in time without making it permanent, the way Snapchat has done. However, with Instagram Story Highlights, the 24 hour rule no longer applies! The user can now add the Story to their Highlight reel! This is especially useful for brands and influencers that want to continue to promote a specific event or product after the 24 hour timestamp is up. Here’s a step by step process on how to use Instagram Story Highlights to promote your brand: Continue reading

Updated Class Schedule

As Molly pointed out, I am calendar challenged.

Here is the updated class schedule showing “No Class” on Monday 5/28 for Memorial Day.



Class #1, 5/7/18

Here are the lecture decks for Class #1.

1.0-DIGPRO Digital-Welcome

1.1-DIGPRO Digital-Writing


SUM18 Advanced Syllabus and Schedule

Here are the syllabus and class schedule for your CAPE Advanced Social Media and Digital Engagement class.

Let me know if you have any trouble.