Vero: A New Instagram Alternative

A New Instagram Alternative is Making News

A new Instagram alternative is now going viral. Apparently, users are becoming more and more fed up with Instagram and now turning to a new app called Vero. This app developed in 2015, has grown exponentially among interest groups and now has climbed to a million users. Furthermore, Vero newsfeeds are organized chronologically whereas Instagram and Facebook are both algorithm-driven. The new social multimedia app is now sitting atop the list on Apple’s App Store and Google Play’s free apps chart. 

Instagram vs. Vero

Vero, meaning “truth” in Esperanto, is targeting people who want real-life experience in an online setting. Moreover, this new Instagram alternative does not have any annoying ads. Without advertising revenue to fund the company, Vero plans to charge users an annual subscription to maintain the app. Furthermore, Vero recently announced the first million users who will receive a free lifetime account as promised, where registrations beyond the initial user base will be subject to the paid subscriber service.

Some new features that differentiate Vero from others include unique sharing capabilities such as books, movies, and TV shows. In addition, members can even categorize their connections with tags like “Close Friend” and “Acquaintance”.

Is Instagram in trouble?

While users continue to complain about drop-in “likes” and other social engagement quirks related to the algorithm-driven content feeds, Instagram, a billion dollar company owned by Facebook, is very unlikely to close its doors anytime soon.  Here are a just few reasons why:

Vero’s user experience hasn’t exactly been the top-rated user experience in an app of this kind and now the platform seems to be having technical issues. After their announcement for a free lifetime subscription, Vero has seen an explosion in registrations. It appears the infrastructure is struggling to keep up with the demands of the growing install base.

To make matters worse, Vero’s CEO Ayman Hariri, who was amid controversy in his last position as deputy CEO of a construction company. They purportedly treated its migrant workers so poorly that the Saudi Arabian government had to intervene. More than 31,000 workers filed suit against the company for unpaid wages. Only time will determine if Vero will remain an amicable threat to Instagram.

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