Digital Tools for Content Inspiration and Brainstorming

You’re starving for content ideas. You’re in desperate need of an inspirational brainstorm. Whether you’ve written five blogs or 50, you’re likely to experience the dreaded writer’s block. When you gaze upon the soul-crushing whiteness of a blank page, simply try a few of the untold digital tools for content inspiration and brainstorming. Here are some recommendations for firing up those listless synapses.

Newsfeed Tools for Content Inspiration and Brainstorming

Need relevant news tips or articles for your next company newsletter? Have you been tasked with generating timely content for the latest web page redesign? Writing high-quality content that informs and engages on an ongoing basis can be tough. Look no farther than the growing list of news and social network aggregation companies. Check out Flipboard, Freely, Nuzzle and Buffer. These sites let you parse news from multiple trusted sources into a newsfeed you can modify to fit your needs. Think of newsfeed platforms as your personal idea generator.

When Facing the Blank Slate

Creating in MS Word and Apple pages can often pose too many styles, theme and layout choices that can distract from getting words on the page. Don’t dismiss the usefulness of writing platforms like iA Writer and Google Docs or even more bare-bones word processing tools like Oomwriter and Atlantis. All of them eliminate the frills of design and let you focus on writing.

Content Mills: When Really Stumped

If you find that you’re really stumped for ideas, it might be time to hand off the writing to someone else. Consider “content mills” like Ndash, Contently, ClearVoice, Skyword, and eByline. They each have a great community of writers available to help you with content development and get unblocked. They’re also great places for more prolific writers to find freelance work.

Collecting and Organizing What You Find

Start using organizational software that will help you select and save websites, articles, and photos when you find them. Services like MS OneNote, Evernote, Dropbox, Pocket, and Instapaper will help you manage and save information. You can customize folders and tabs that make retrieval of the information a snap.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

When it comes to scouting for ideas via a web search, it’s best to use clean search websites like and Therefore don’t use search tools like Google or Yahoo that will return results using algorithms gleaned from your previous searches. Most importantly you want to wrap it up with a persuasive call to action. Let your readers know what you want them to do. Maybe it’s as simple as asking them to click on a link, call a phone number or read the next blog. Great content pays off bigtime. Using digital tools for content inspiration and brainstorming can enhance your overall readership as well as increase website traffic, brand awareness and customer engagement. For more information check out wiki history of writer’s block.

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