Social Media & Lifestyle: Tactics for Creating a Healthy Balance

The world is moving fast, and the world of social media is moving faster. There is very little time to catch up to the constant changes and updates to platforms, and attempting to stay on top of it can eat up a lot of the time in your day. Living your life in a healthy way is the first step to enjoying the present moment, although sometimes catching up with friends and family on social media can provide a sense of joy. It is important to understand that a healthy lifestyle and social media use do not have to be mutually exclusive. Take a look at these tactics for creating a healthy balance between the two:

Keeping a Balance in Browsing Time

Browsing through social media platforms of any kind is a perfect example of the word distraction. Whether or not you are distracting yourself from real life, there are even more distractions while scrolling. One click leads to another, and an hour of your day has been lost! Using social media in moderation is a very important tactic to learn. Maintaining a balance in your browsing time between platforms will make it harder to lose time out of your schedule. For example, spending 5 minutes on Facebook and another 5 minutes on Instagram is a smart way to stay on track, and allow for variety in your browsing.  

Creating a Daily Routine

Which part of the day are you most or least productive? Are you a morning bird or a night owl? It is important to browse social media in the “down time” of your day, and not when you are trying to get things done. Creating a daily schedule is a very healthy habit that will add structure and help you stay on top of your work. Just like any other activity, budget some time for social media in the slow periods. If Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat are things you enjoy, then treat them as a reward for hard work. This will make your social media time even more enjoyable.

Committing to Your Lifestyle  

Committing to a healthy lifestyle takes significant time and effort, and distractions are always pulling us in other directions. By choosing to live a healthy lifestyle with social media use in moderation, you will notice wonderful mental benefits. The first step is to determine which hours of the day are best suited to browse, and from there you can pencil it into your schedule. Commitment is achieved through repetition, and by following your own schedule, everything will fall into balance. With balance comes clarity, and with clarity comes happiness.

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