Snapchat’s new crime series

If you’ve tuned into Snapchat news at all within the past few months, then you know the app is under hot water. From a poorly upgraded interface, to racial GIFs and an approved domestic violence ad, the app has been through the ringer and can’t seem to get anything right. However, Snap Inc. is persistently continuing to venture into new territory. Snapchat’s new crime series has teamed up with Condé Nast Entertainment for a six episode run titled “True Crime/Uncovered”. The app has never produced a mystery series like this before. Variety shares director George Wasgatt and writer Katherine Chan took on the project’s production. Snap head of original content Sean Mills also headed up the project.

What Snapchat’s new crime series is about

Variety reports Snapchat’s new crime series will feature a new real life crime each episode and only be five minutes a piece. Although the episodes will be released one at a time, users could watch the entire series in the same amount of time that it usually takes to watch one episode of an average show. This should keep viewers engaged and on the edge of their seats. The short snippets will feature interviews and evidence of each crime case. The show’s first episode released on March 12th.

How to find Snapchat’s new crime series

Click open on the Discover page to view the latest of the six episode series. To search for a specific episode simply type in “True Crime/Uncovered” in the search bar at the top of the screen. Snapchat’s icon is the ghost emoji, so one could say it make sense the app decided to dip into the mystery genre. Will it be any good? Users will just have to tune in to the mystery to see. Snapchat will need this as a small feat to snap back into good graces.

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