Snapchat is Adding a New Customizable Lens

Coming soon: Snapchat is adding a new customizable lens

Snapchat is in the early stages of testing a new a new customizable lens, or what we call geo-filters. Users use geo-filters mainly for holding events such as birthdays, baby showers, etc. With the new Snapchat update causing an uproar amongst its users, that was only the beginning.

Snapchat lens templateWith the customizable lens, snapchat will provide users with an abundance of filters to choose from. Once a lens is chosen, you can enter in your event information, location and the start/end time and Snapchat will generate your information into the selected template! How cool and convenient is that? And, for you graphic design geniuses, you don’t have to remove Snapchat filters from your design services.

SSnapchat lens information napchat will still keep the “lens studio,” that still gives you the freedom to design your own filters for your loyal customers. There will be an added feature for users to boost their event to others in the area. This will be especially handle for small businesses hosting events in their area. Snapchat will be charging users around $10 for the custom lens that includes the selected design and the start/end time of their event.



Read more about the upcoming Snapchat lens here:


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