A Great Recipe for Creating Blog Content

The perfect recipe for creating blog content consists of research, incorporating keywords, and refining your prose.

So, you want to start a blog, whether it’s to share a passion or promote a business. Before beginning, ask yourself some questions. Why is this blog needed? Who will it help? And, who will read it? These assessments will help in creating blog content that attracts readers.



Make a list

Take pen to paper, and make a list of topics related to your blog’s purpose. When your list is ready, pick an idea to explore further. And, hang on to that list—you’ll need it later.

5 tips for writing a great post

You’ve picked your topic. Now, let’s start creating blog content for your first post.

1. Research: Read trade publications, trusted resources, and blogs on your subject. Don’t forget to look in the comments section. What follow-up questions are people asking? Find the answers and include them in your post or add them to your list of topics.

2. Create keywords: This will boost your SEO ranking. After all, it’s hardly worth spending the time to create a blog that no one reads. If you’re still struggling to find keywords, try Ubersuggest, which generates them for free.

3. Start writing: Don’t worry about perfecting your sentences for now. Just concentrate on getting your thoughts typed out as quickly as possible. If you still don’t know where to begin, try the Problem-Agitate-Solve method. First, present your reader with a problem. Next, “agitate the problem” by discussing its complications. Finally, present a solution.

4. Edit: Congratulations! Your draft is written. Now, pare down long sentences and fix grammar and spelling. Make your copy readable and entertaining. Use strong headlines and short, scannable sentences. And, remember, people are visiting your blog for a reason—you have information they want! So, present it persuasively.

5. Take breaks: When your words become blurred, and you’re no longer comprehending sentences, take a break. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can spot and correct mistakes after some time away.

Picture perfect

The old adage of “show, don’t tell” is literal when it comes to creating blog content. You must entice visitors to continue reading by using dynamic images that relate to the subject matter. Several websites, such as Pixabay and Upsplash, offer free, downloadable pictures.


Creating Blog Content for the Future

Go back to that list of topics you created earlier and take a closer look. Are some subjects similar—can they be combined into one post? Does one topic have too many components and need to be split up? Once your topics are focused, give yourself deadlines to write about them. And, after you hit “publish”, reward yourself with an indulgence. This will motivate you to write the next post.

Go for it!

Creating blog content is easier than you think. And, you’ll be amazed at how the sentences flow once you clearly define objectives and conduct research. If you’re still having trouble brainstorming a subject, visit Hubspot’s topic-generating page. So, what are you waiting for? Get started!

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