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Instagram Continues to Outpace Snapchat

Instagram Continues to Outpace SnapchatIt looks like Instagram is getting ready to launch voice and video calling features. These added features could be the latest example of how Facebook’s Instagram continues to outpace Snapchat.

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Hidden Instagram Code Indicates Roll Out of Voice and Video Features

Hidden Instagram Code indicates Snapchat-like features in the not too distant future. Rumors have circulated for months now, but TechCrunch received the tip about the hidden code, adding fuel to the fire. If these features do arrive, sources say you won’t need other apps anymore to direct message or call your friends.

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A Brief History of Social Media Time

Stephen Hawking talks about black holes and time-space continuums. Albert Einstein took on the speed-of-light time travel theories. Seems like stuff that’s awfully big, fast and hard to understand. Not unlike the mind-boggling speed and exponential growth revealed in a Brief History of Social Media Time. On a comparative 24-hour clock that represents the lifespan of our planet, the existence of modern man is only a three-second moment. Likewise, the existence of Social Media is a flash in the pan relative to the oldest form of mass media. The time-honored newspaper traces its origins back to the late 17th century.

Humans over a relatively brief time have radically altered the Earth and how we live on it. Similarly, Social Media has forever changed how we sell, market and communicate. Almost all in the space of 20 years. Keep in mind that the changes resulting from this Brief History of Social Media Time will occur at an ever more rapid pace. Now and forever.  Continue reading

Instagram Stories and In-Platform Messaging

Benefits of Instagram stories and in-platform messaging for Private Country Clubs

We are all familiar with Snapchat stories, but many Private Country Clubs do not use this as a primary platform. Snapchat stories are how brands communicate with their consumers. Instagram and Facebook saw this trend and began to implement stories for their platforms as well to compete with Snapchat. Since doing so, in-platform messaging and Instagram stories have taken off. Instagram has seen an influx of daily users more than ever before. This is the platform where you want to be if you are trying to engage your members via social media. Continue reading

Cool Tools for Creating Valuable Customer Feedback

Happy customers are loyal customers—retaining them through positive experiences is far more cost effective than starting over and luring in new prospects.“The customer is always right!” It’s a fading turn of phrase. In today’s marketplace, the motto really should be, “The customer is always first.” Whether satisfied, disgruntled, or indifferent, consumers are vital to an organization’s success. Therefore, companies shouldn’t only focus on negative customer feedback. They should pay equal attention to positive responses and use them to create patterns of consistency.

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